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Custom Romantic Star Curtain Thermal Insulated Blackout Drapes for Kids Teenagers Bedroom by NICETOWN  ( 1 Panel )
  • CHARMING DESIGN - These silver stars on the blackout curtains adorn your windows more fashionable. The blackout curtains are soft, very pleasant to touch and are perfect for bedroom, kitchen, living room...
  • LIGHT BLOCK - Curtains can lowers noises and reduces 85% light and UV ray ( Dark color works better ) due to the triple weave technology.Insulated panels helps to repel the summer heat and winter cold.
  • VERSATILE FUNCTIONS - Thermal insulated avoid direct sunlight & UV exposure, noise reduction, privacy protection...Provide you a sweet sleep in undisturbed treacly darkness.
  • EASY CARE - Easy to maintain and machine washable. Use only non-chlorine bleach & iron when needed. Tumble dry low.
  • The basic information of the curtain sales unit is 1 panel.

Custom Romantic Star Curtain Thermal Insulated Blackout Drapes for Kids Teenagers Bedroom by NICETOWN ( 1 Panel ) Item NO.: RYBB07CM22KCK

US$ 39.90
Black Blue Pink Grey
Grommet Top Silver Grommet Top Anti-brass Grommet Top Black Double Pinch Pleat(+US$ 30.00) Triple Pinch Pleat(+US$ 50.00) Tab Top Pencil Pleat(+US$ 2.00) Back Tab(+US$ 5.00) Single Rod Pocket(+US$ 2.00) Double Rod Pockets(+US$ 2.00)
Single Panel Finished Width(inches)
30 31(+US$ 2.00) 32(+US$ 4.00) 33(+US$ 6.00) 34(+US$ 8.00) 35(+US$ 10.00) 36(+US$ 12.00) 37(+US$ 14.00) 38(+US$ 16.00) 39(+US$ 18.00) 40(+US$ 20.00) 41(+US$ 22.00) 42(+US$ 24.00) 43(+US$ 26.00) 44(+US$ 28.00) 45(+US$ 30.00) 46(+US$ 32.00) 47(+US$ 34.00) 48(+US$ 36.00) 49(+US$ 38.00) 50(+US$ 40.00) 51(+US$ 41.00) 52(+US$ 42.00) 53(+US$ 43.00) 54(+US$ 44.00) 55(+US$ 45.00) 56(+US$ 46.00) 57(+US$ 47.00) 58(+US$ 48.00) 59(+US$ 49.00) 60(+US$ 50.00) 61(+US$ 51.00) 62(+US$ 52.00) 63(+US$ 53.00) 64(+US$ 54.00) 65(+US$ 55.00) 66(+US$ 56.00) 67(+US$ 57.00) 68(+US$ 58.00) 69(+US$ 59.00) 70(+US$ 60.00) 71(+US$ 61.00) 72(+US$ 61.00) 73(+US$ 62.00) 74(+US$ 62.00) 75(+US$ 63.00) 76(+US$ 63.00) 77(+US$ 64.00) 78(+US$ 64.00) 79(+US$ 65.00) 80(+US$ 65.00) 81(+US$ 66.00) 82(+US$ 66.00) 83(+US$ 67.00) 84(+US$ 67.00) 85(+US$ 68.00) 86(+US$ 68.00) 87(+US$ 69.00) 88(+US$ 69.00) 89(+US$ 70.00) 90(+US$ 70.00) 91(+US$ 71.00) 92(+US$ 71.00) 93(+US$ 72.00) 94(+US$ 72.00) 95(+US$ 73.00) 96(+US$ 73.00) 97(+US$ 74.00) 98(+US$ 74.00) 99(+US$ 75.00) 100(+US$ 75.00) 101(+US$ 76.00) 102(+US$ 78.00) 104(+US$ 79.00) 105(+US$ 80.00)
Single Panel Finished Length(inches)
40 41(+US$ 2.00) 42(+US$ 4.00) 43(+US$ 5.00) 44(+US$ 6.00) 45(+US$ 7.00) 46(+US$ 8.00) 47(+US$ 9.00) 48(+US$ 10.00) 49(+US$ 11.00) 50(+US$ 12.00) 51(+US$ 13.00) 52(+US$ 14.00) 53(+US$ 15.00) 54(+US$ 16.00) 55(+US$ 17.00) 56(+US$ 18.00) 57(+US$ 19.00) 58(+US$ 20.00) 59(+US$ 21.00) 60(+US$ 22.00) 61(+US$ 23.00) 62(+US$ 24.00) 63(+US$ 25.00) 64(+US$ 26.00) 65(+US$ 27.00) 66(+US$ 28.00) 67(+US$ 29.00) 68(+US$ 30.00) 69(+US$ 31.00) 70(+US$ 32.00) 71(+US$ 33.00) 72(+US$ 34.00) 73(+US$ 35.00) 74(+US$ 36.00) 75(+US$ 37.00) 76(+US$ 38.00) 77(+US$ 39.00) 78(+US$ 40.00) 79(+US$ 41.00) 80(+US$ 42.00) 81(+US$ 43.00) 82(+US$ 44.00) 83(+US$ 45.00) 84(+US$ 46.00) 85(+US$ 47.00) 86(+US$ 48.00) 87(+US$ 49.00) 88(+US$ 50.00) 89(+US$ 51.00) 90(+US$ 52.00) 91(+US$ 53.00) 92(+US$ 54.00) 93(+US$ 55.00) 94(+US$ 56.00) 95(+US$ 57.00) 96(+US$ 58.00) 97(+US$ 59.00) 98(+US$ 60.00) 99(+US$ 61.00) 100(+US$ 62.00) 105(+US$ 65.00) 110(+US$ 68.00) 115(+US$ 71.00) 120(+US$ 74.00) 125(+US$ 77.00) 130(+US$ 80.00) 135(+US$ 83.00) 140(+US$ 86.00) 145(+US$ 89.00) 150(+US$ 92.00) 155(+US$ 95.00) 160(+US$ 98.00)
Customized Requirements

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Product Name Custom Romantic Star Curtain Thermal Insulated Blackout Drapes for Kids Teenagers Bedroom by NICETOWN ( 1 Panel )
Features Thermal Insulated
Color Grey, Blue, Beige, Black, Yellow, Pink
Rooms Bedroom & Living Room, Baby&Kids
Material Other Polyester
Light Filtration Room Darkening
Patterns Printed
Weight 3 kg = 6.6139 lb = 105.8219 oz
Category All Products > Custom Curtains & Drapes
Tag Customized , curtain , thermal , blackout , insulated , Home Decor , window treatment , curtains , Draperys , drape , draperies , Drapery
Creation Time 2019-09-19



Complete the look of a child's themed bedroom with these STAR BLACKOUT CURTAINS. They coordinate well with other accessories from the popular child's series, such as blankets, bedspreads, tables, chairs and more. You can also use these curtains to decorate a playroom, child care center or other space.





This star pattern is an regular take on a classic geometric print. The contrast between the silver star and navy blue background make this a showstopper.


Curtains can lowers noises and reduces 85% - 99% light and UV ray ( Dark color works well ). Insulated panels helps to repel the summer heat and winter cold.


  • Machine washable; gentle cycle.
  • Use only non-chlorine bleach.
  • Tumble dry on low heat.
  • Dry clean recommended.
Customized within 3 days and delivered to you within 10 days by DHL. 

Dressing Your Curtains
We recommend all curtains to be tied in their folds for up to 48 hours to allow the folds to form. It is best to lightly tie the curtainsat 3 points, top, middle and bottom, using a soft ribbon or strips of fabric to avoid any tie marks.

Please note that some shrinkage may occur during the first dry cleaning cycle, sometimes up to 5%. There is sufficient fabricavailable within the hem to allow for any necessary adjustment in length. Occasionally, certain atmospheric conditions can alsocause shrinkage in curtains whilst they are hanging by the window.

Before cleaning, remove all curtain hooks if you are using any. If you have pencil pleat curtains, untie the draw cords at one endand stretch the curtain out flat. We highly recommend that all curtains should be dry cleaned. Curtains should be re-hung as soonas possible afterwards.


All curtains (except velvet) can be lightly pressed with a warm iron on the reverse side. Steam, excessive pressure or temperatureshould be avoided. This can cause the curtain fabric to shrink or stretch.

Velvet pile is prone to flattening during transit or cleaning, which can show as patches of darker & lighter shade. These marks willeventually disappear when the curtains have been hung for a period of time but it may be necessary to brush the fabric upwardsin order to lift the pile. Velvets should always be dry cleaned and never ironed.


M. Ingalsbe

Great curtains. The kids love the idea of the stars. They do look just like holes in the curtain. However, if you want a little light, without opening curtain, these will do it.


Katherine R.

Love em my kids love em.



I love these curtains, they're my favorite. The blackout works really well and the cutouts are so cute when the light shines through.



My husband and I bought these for our sons room. I was very excited when we put them up. We were getting a small draft from the windows and so far with these curtains the room feels a bit warmer. I love that they black out enough sun light but the little stars that are cut out within the curtain let’s just the right amount peak through especially for nap time for our little man. If you’re looking for a great curtain these are it!


Theresa Dauterive

Love these curtains! The stars are super cute.


Mamie Yolanda

I wasn’t impressed as much about the stars. A lot of them weren’t even cut out all the way.



Super cute but only one panel came when it said I would receive two curtains.



Soft fabric blocks the sunlight perfectly and the shiny silver stars add that feeling of night time.


ivica stankovic

Kids both rooms I got one in black one in gray color , perfect



Made with durable thick material. Love the effect of the sun passing through the stars cutouts!It has been more that a year since I have them and the color has not faded. (Navy Blue)



The curtain with the star cutouts is behind the red sheer, gives a really cool look on sunny days. Also added curtain lights.


lindsey Gaub

Love them at night when the stars shine on th walls from the streetlight


Mom Of 2

These are absolutely great. I got them for my kids room and they look nice, good quality, block out the sunlight, and help with keeping out drafts. Love this purchase.



These look great and no light comes through them at all. Use them in my living room which is on the first floor and it keeps the apartment dark if they are closed all the way.



My daughter loves these..they are a perfect addition to her galaxy themed room. The stars look really cool during the day when the sun is shining!



Exactly as advertised. Thick, came with two panels, and the stars really stand out. I love them.


Maria Castedo Lozada

Love it!


Pamela J

Exactly what I needed. Perfect fit.


Kris Palmer

Good option for my 5 year old's room!


Caterina Perry

LOVE THES CURTAINS!!! I am very impressed with the quality! Very well-made and nice and thick! They do an amazing job insulating the window and keeping the cold out and blackout is not the word. The room stays dark as night until I open them up. My kids are totally psyched now that they don’t have the Sun beaming in their face every morning! Great product! They do exactly what they’re meant to do and then some. Oh and can we just talk about the colour? They are a rich deep charcoal grey. I originally thought they were going to be a bit lighter but I’m glad they are not! The metallic stars pop against the colour. I was hoping to find a pair with glow in the dark metallic stars but that was an easy fix. I just bought some glow fabric paint and dabbed a little on each star. Easy fix! They look awesome! I have to say at such a low price they are great quality curtains. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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