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Custom Thermal Blackout Blind Temporary Blind for Windows Cover Room Darkening Travel Blackout Curtain with Suction Cups by NICETOWN ( 1 Panel )
  • 100% Polyester
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Compared ordinary suction cup curtains. Silver rings and more suction cups of strong suction and makes the blind hard to fall
  • EASY INSTALL & REMOVAL: With the silver rings & suction cups provided, the blackout blind can be easily installed to the window glasses and removed. No messy sticky pads or glue to damage your window or door. You may follow our images or instructions provided
  • SUPER MATERIAL: The blackout curtains applies triple weave technology and can block 60-75% sunlight and harmful UV rays for better rest and sleep. Additional 2 hem around the edges prevents light leakage and offer you maximum privacy
  • SPECIAL NOTE: More suction cups ensure the curtain blind suction better! Machine washable, gentle cycle. Warm iron as needed.
  • ​​The basic information of the curtain sales unit is 1 panel.

Custom Thermal Blackout Blind Temporary Blind for Windows Cover Room Darkening Travel Blackout Curtain with Suction Cups by NICETOWN ( 1 Panel ) Item NO.: B07P81LFCN

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US$ 59.00
Grey Dark Blue Red Black Toffee Brown Teal Blue Fresh Green Grayish White Cappuccino Biscotti Beige Baby Pink Olive Green Royal Purple Sky Blue Pure White Sea Teal Coral Yellow Navy Blue Gray Blue Taro Purple Hunter Green Burgundy Red Light Beige Silver Grey Vintage Blue Green Lake Blue-Green Light Green Eggplant Purple Sea Blue Light Pink Brick Red Sand Color Red-Brown Tender Cyan
Single Panel Finished Width(inches)
25(-US$ 5.00) 30 31(+US$ 1.00) 32(+US$ 2.00) 33(+US$ 3.00) 34(+US$ 4.00) 35(+US$ 5.00) 36(+US$ 6.00) 37(+US$ 7.00) 38(+US$ 8.00) 39(+US$ 9.00) 40(+US$ 10.00) 41(+US$ 11.00) 42(+US$ 12.00) 43(+US$ 13.00) 44(+US$ 14.00) 45(+US$ 15.00) 46(+US$ 16.00) 47(+US$ 17.00) 48(+US$ 18.00) 49(+US$ 19.00) 50(+US$ 20.00) 51(+US$ 21.00) 52(+US$ 22.00) 53(+US$ 23.00) 54(+US$ 24.00) 55(+US$ 25.00) 56(+US$ 26.00) 57(+US$ 27.00) 58(+US$ 28.00) 59(+US$ 29.00) 60(+US$ 30.00) 61(+US$ 31.00) 62(+US$ 32.00) 63(+US$ 33.00) 64(+US$ 34.00) 65(+US$ 35.00) 66(+US$ 36.00) 67(+US$ 37.00) 68(+US$ 38.00) 69(+US$ 39.00) 70(+US$ 40.00) 71(+US$ 40.00) 72(+US$ 41.00) 73(+US$ 41.00) 74(+US$ 42.00) 75(+US$ 42.00) 76(+US$ 43.00) 77(+US$ 43.00) 78(+US$ 44.00) 79(+US$ 44.00) 80(+US$ 45.00) 81(+US$ 45.00) 82(+US$ 46.00) 83(+US$ 46.00) 84(+US$ 47.00) 85(+US$ 47.00) 86(+US$ 48.00) 87(+US$ 48.00) 88(+US$ 49.00) 89(+US$ 49.00) 90(+US$ 50.00) 91(+US$ 50.00) 92(+US$ 51.00) 93(+US$ 51.00) 94(+US$ 52.00) 95(+US$ 52.00) 96(+US$ 53.00) 97(+US$ 53.00) 98(+US$ 54.00) 99(+US$ 54.00) 100(+US$ 55.00)
Single Panel Finished Length(inches)
30 40 41(+US$ 1.00) 42(+US$ 1.00) 43(+US$ 2.00) 44(+US$ 2.00) 45(+US$ 3.00) 46(+US$ 3.00) 47(+US$ 4.00) 48(+US$ 4.00) 49(+US$ 5.00) 50(+US$ 5.00) 51(+US$ 6.00) 52(+US$ 6.00) 53(+US$ 7.00) 54(+US$ 7.00) 55(+US$ 8.00) 56(+US$ 8.00) 57(+US$ 9.00) 58(+US$ 9.00) 59(+US$ 10.00) 60(+US$ 10.00) 61(+US$ 11.00) 62(+US$ 12.00) 63(+US$ 13.00) 64(+US$ 14.00) 65(+US$ 15.00) 66(+US$ 16.00) 67(+US$ 17.00) 68(+US$ 18.00) 69(+US$ 19.00) 70(+US$ 20.00) 71(+US$ 21.00) 72(+US$ 22.00) 73(+US$ 23.00) 74(+US$ 24.00) 75(+US$ 25.00) 76(+US$ 26.00) 77(+US$ 27.00) 78(+US$ 28.00) 79(+US$ 29.00) 80(+US$ 30.00) 81(+US$ 31.00) 82(+US$ 32.00) 83(+US$ 33.00) 84(+US$ 34.00) 85(+US$ 35.00) 86(+US$ 36.00) 87(+US$ 37.00) 88(+US$ 38.00) 89(+US$ 39.00) 90(+US$ 40.00) 91(+US$ 40.00) 92(+US$ 41.00) 93(+US$ 41.00) 94(+US$ 42.00) 95(+US$ 42.00) 96(+US$ 43.00) 97(+US$ 43.00) 98(+US$ 45.00) 99(+US$ 45.00) 100(+US$ 46.00)
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Product Name Custom Thermal Blackout Blind Temporary Blind for Windows Cover Room Darkening Travel Blackout Curtain with Suction Cups by NICETOWN ( 1 Panel )
Item NO. B07P81LFCN
Features Thermal Insulated
Color White, Grey, Red, Black, Blue, Brown, Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow, Beige
Rooms Bedroom & Living Room, Bathroom
Light Filtration Room Darkening
Material Polyester
Patterns Solid
Weight 3 kg = 6.6139 lb = 105.8219 oz
Category Custom Blinds & Shades
Tag Customized , curtain , thermal , blackout , insulated , Solid , bedroom , drapes , living room , curtains , multiple colour , Multicolor , custom curtain , Draperys , drape , draperies , Drapery , custom blackout curtain
Creation Time 2021-01-03



In both orientations, my curtain stayed up using the suction cups.



I believe the curtain will please consumers who want light control



the seller could explain this better. I hope my photos help. Basically, the curtain size is not changed, but placing the suction cups (or velcro dots) closer together allows the curtain fabric to fold over itself and therefore cover a smaller area. If done carefully, this can achieve a look kind of like Roman blinds.



With everyone at home all day every day this pandemic summer, there were certain long-standing annoyances that didn't get ignored. One of those is the extreme solar heat gain from the two walls of glass in our kitchen (on the SE corner of our home.) Due to a french door and high upper cabinets that need to open outwards, hanging traditional curtains wouldn't be completely straightforward. Applying a suction cup based curtain directly to the glass solved the heat gain issue and didn't interfere with the functioning of any doors.



In a dark color, it blocks a lot of light.Because I tried it in a very bright kitchen with windows on another wall,



it did help my teen enjoy much better sleep in his newly darkened room.



My curtain has been hanging up for about two months with the suction cups. It lived in the kitchen for two weeks before I decided the Easy-Going option worked better there. I had to pry the suction cups loose to take down the curtain .



it is still firmly affixed in place.



The plain, dark grey surface of the curtain is virtually invisible from the road. Compared with the shiny reflective back surface of the curtain with the strong contrast of a similar dark grey color banding the edges (and BLACK suction cups), the is less visible and looks neater and more finished to passers-by. For the front of my house in a nice suburban neighborhood, this is very important to me.



The thermal nature of the cloth keeps the door from heating up. It is easy to hang and was the perfect length. It was a bit wider than I needed, but you can overlap the material to make folds like the instructions show and it worked great!



I used it in the car the block the sun on his side, and he fell asleep almost the whole ride. Then we got to our friends house, and this curtain did its job and black out the heck out of the room. My 13-month old never skipped a bit in his sleeping schedule which made me the happiest mom and was able to enjoy our little vacation.



Now I’m planning to use it in the summer so he doesn’t wake up early when the sun



I bought this curtain to attempt to mitigate the heat between my front door and all glass storm door. My house faces South and gets the Colorado sun all day. The heat between the two doors has caused issues with the door and the door frame, so when I got a new door, I wanted to prevent this. I stick this curtain to the storm door glass on hot sunny days and it does the trick!



I wish I came across this curtains when my baby was a newborn, it’d make my life so much better. I bought these because we were going to stay at a friend’s house and want to make sure that my baby would keep his sleeping schedule.



Suction cups require hot soak before they work, they will stick afterwards



Suction cups always work best if you clean the surface well before applying. Moistening the back with soapy water before applying helps, too. I did both of these things each time I put up the curtain.



Temporary thermal curtain was just what I needed!



I wish they were clear. The curtain is nice, thick fabric. It will greatly reduce the heat from the sun through the glass.



Ordered these and outside deck curtains. Quality is excellent. Product arrived very quickly. Am extremely happy.

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