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Soundproof Blackout Curtain 3 Layers Thick Curtain (2 Blackout Fabric & 1 Sound Absorbent Cotton), Sold as 1 Panel
  • NOISE REDUCTION - Detachable felt fabric liner is in the middle of the 3 layers. Maximum absorb the annoying noise and create a peaceful environment.
  • 100% BLACKOUT - Triple weave blackout fabric & 3 layers design make it possible to completely keep out the harsh light and UV ray. Open the time of daytime sleep.
  • COST SAVING - Balance room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill. It's both save your energy budget and brings you dark & quiet surroundings.
  • EASY CARE - Easy to install and maintain. Detach the felt liner before machine wash, using only non-chlorine bleach & warm iron when needed. Tumble dry low.
  • Note please: Due to different using situations, the efficiency may have a little difference. Customized products can only return if they come with quality issues.

Soundproof Blackout Curtain 3 Layers Thick Curtain (2 Blackout Fabric & 1 Sound Absorbent Cotton), Sold as 1 Panel Item NO.: RYBB07PPCYPTX

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Grommet Top Silver Grommet Top Anti-brass Grommet Top Black Tab Top Back Tab(+US$ 5.00) Single Rod Pocket(+US$ 2.00) Double Rod Pockets(+US$ 2.00)
Single Panel Finished Width
Single Panel Finished Length
Pure White Grey Beige Cappuccino Navy Blue Burgundy Red Black Toffee Brown Greyish White Baby Pink Olive Green Royal Purple Sky Blue Sea Teal Coral Yellow Navy
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Product Name Soundproof Blackout Curtain 3 Layers Thick Curtain (2 Blackout Fabric & 1 Sound Absorbent Cotton), Sold as 1 Panel
Fabric Polyester(Sound Reduce), Polyester
Color White
Pattern Solid
Weight 3 kg = 6.6139 lb = 105.8219 oz
Category PRODUCTS > Custom Curtains
Tag Customized , curtain , thermal , blackout , insulated , Home Decor , window treatment , soundproof , Multifunction
Creation Time 2019-09-20

Note please: Due to different using situations, the efficiency may have a little difference. Customized products can only return if they come with quality issues. (Click here and read the return policy)

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I’m using these instead of a door. I have them up on a tension rod in the framed entrance to my living room that I use as an office. Definitely keeps the heat in as I’ve had to use a fan now. Sound of my kids is still there but not as bad for those I’m talking to on the phone. Very thick and heavy while nice quality.



got these as a room divider for my office. They do decrease sound, but of course does not block all sound. My office is in a sunroom off the living room. Helps to close them even when I'm not in the office to help block the heat coming from the windows(no curtains on windows only blinds) into the living space keeping the living room cooler. I can sit in my office with the curtains drawn and my husband can watch TV on a 15 level and I barely hear the TV or his movments. I can still hear it but definitely at a decreased level. When I'm in virtual meetings I dont disturb him. Overall satisfied with the decreased sound and the decreased heat. Although not bought for light blocking, they do that very well also. Complete blackout. The curtains are heavy and stiff to move but have a nice silky feel and hang nicely. I got the grey color. It is a nice medium grey and the quality is decent. Didnt find any snags or sewing issues.



Very good curtains for the price.



So i didn't get these floor to ceiling as they are in my toddlers room so got 60 something length im sure they would work way better full length and with the wrap around curtain rods.thwy are very heavy just a heads up1st picture is with the curtain open no light on in the room but flash from my phone(white one are the ones being reviewed)2nd is curtains closed with flash3rd is curtains shut no lights no flash4th is with the curtains and the teal shut no lights no flash.I had these curtains for over 2 weeks before reviewing and during that time was 4th of july it helped with the fireworks. Works with the 3 yappy dogs across the street and the crows that sit out front in the morning.


Barbara Pedigo

The curtains arrived quickly and in good shape. I have not hung the curtains yet. I look forward to experiencing the total light block out effect. Color is stark white and is exactly what I wanted.


M. Marks

Good Quality but so so on sound proofing. Does make a little difference in sound but just a little. However can't say I've seen anything better out there.


Filipp Demenschonok

These do well to block out light but do almost nothing for noise. Videos are misleading. When I measured noise with curtains open or closed the difference is only maybe 2-3dB from aggressor frequencies in the 1k-5kHz range. Buy these to help with light - don't expect the sound to change anything.


Teresa Potter

I am giving them a 4 star only based on they are great black out, very stylish and great fabric. I would love to give them a 5, however, sound absorbing.....NO!! These did not absorb sound like the description stated. I could hear a person talk outside my window, cars drive by, noise from birds etc....I love everything else about them but that. Just wish they did in fact absorb noise.


Hugh C.

Solid solution to a noise issue. Does a good job. If it could do an even better job with noise, the rating would be 5 star across the board.



They don’t desdén sound but they do help reduce it. Used these to make a makeshift vocal booth in my studio to cut the reverb. Works perfectly



I can’t tell if it’s day or night when these curtains are drawn. Also help with sound dampening.


Jeff & Michele Armstrong

I bought these to put in my home studio to block light and to dampen sound since I record audio and video.They do a great job at dampening echo and blocking light, however, I don’t think they reduce outside noise by much. They do help a little, i was just expecting a bit more.That said, at this price, they totalling do the job and I’m satisfied! To really sound proof the room (beyond what I need honestly), it would probably cost thousands of dollars worth of soundproofing and panels.


Andrew C

I bought these hoping to get some sound reduction, but there is no noticeable difference in the noise levels. They are very good at blocking light.


Shopping Guru

 I like thee curtains, definitely blocks the light out which I adore, having my room pitch black when the sun cracks and I don’t wherever it’s day or night! If you’re looking for curtains that string purchase these! It lives up to the 100% blackout! Make the purchase!



Bought to block out construction noise and Im shocked how well they work. Would recommend to a friend.


Janet M. Dehoog

The sun in the morning was so bright at the ocean that our renters woke up early. This really solved the problem. The curtains are crisp white, not off white, and they hang beautifully. I borrowed a steamer and the wrinkles came right out. I LOVE them! SO HAPPY with this room now. (there is still a little light in the room due to a door going to the outside deck with only blinds on it, but the glaring sun is not shining in people's faces! )



These are the best value for your money! I tested expensive curtains and none of them were truly blackout except for these! I recommend these for anyone that is sensitive to light.



These are awesome. I live on a main rd -- 6 lanes behind my house. Major firestation 2 blocks down. Lots of street lamps. Near a major hub airport. And really, really mean neighbors. It's a rental, so just honeycomb shades. I didn't initially want the expense and repairs of installing drapes, but I hadn't slept well in a year. Literally.
These ROCK. Heavyweight decorative layer is plain polyester taffetta, but very thick. Fabric hangs well. Back layer is thin thermal. Removable Middle layer is thin, dense felt.
I got the 95 ones, 4 panels, and hung three from a 120 rod all the way to the ceiling. You will need heavy duty rods attached to studs; I find the 3 layers Very heavy. Used 3 panels to stretch from window to window, including the entire wall in between, behind my headboard. Used the last panel on a single side window.
I love these. They're saving me, because sleep deprivation will ruin your life. You can't stay calm without a good night's rest at least several nites a week.
It's not soundPROOF, I can hear the sirens more distantly, and the high sharp tones are gone. The rumbler cars my noisy neighbors prefer are almost mute. CANNOT EVEN HEAR THE LOW FLYING PLANES. Neighbors' 3am lights are completely blacked out.
While not completely soundproof, I AM NO LONGER AWAKENED BY THESE NOISES ONCE ASLEEP. It's also much easier to fall asleep. No light gets through. Outside noise is much softer.
MY life is vastly improved by these. My kids prefer it too.
These Curtains are the least expensive of their kind, with sound-absorbing felt. Satisfactory quality. They were more like 94 long.
I used super strong mini magnets to lash the side to the edge of the window well. When i have time, I will sew or glue these to the felt.
They're a perfect blank canvas, but very plain. You could stitch panels on, do decorative stitching or embroidery.... craftier people will have fun dreaming how to dress them up. I plan to spruce them up with pre-made, decorative sheer overlays, using sheers on the ROOM side of the curtain. As soon as we move.
I will buy more of these.
My husband called the curtained room spa-like . 'Nough said.



Pretty thick! Does help with sound - which is why I bought them - but not completely sound proof. Very darkening though!


Flat Stanley

lived up to all promises and I plan to order more.

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