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Do Thermal Curtains Work In Summer?

By admin – Jan 31,2023 | Blog, Curtains Buying Guide | Share:

When it comes to window treatments, most homeowners know that different types of curtains are going to serve a specific purpose. Whether it be conserving energy or regulating light, it’s important to look thoroughly into the materials so you can make a good decision. While thermal curtains are often used during the winter months to help make the space feel warm while keeping the cold air out, what about during the summer months?

While there are plenty of studies that show that thanks to the help of insulated curtains, homes can retain up to 25% of heat during the winter months, however, retaining in your house during the summer months is just going to make the interior feel far too unbearable. It’s not just the winter time when homes need to work towards being energy efficient, every day and every season is a good time. So, if you’re wanting to ensure that you’re making the right decision for your window treatments, here is what you need to know.

How Do Thermal Curtains Work?

When you have thermal curtains in your home, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll work. There are so many benefits to thermal curtains. Essentially, the thicker the curtain, the more insulation it’ll bring. These insulated curtains focus on sealing all the possible openings in your windows and doors. Since doors and windows can still have hot or cold air that passes through, these curtains will keep them from coming into the space. This means that even in the summertime, you won’t need to worry. Thermal curtains will create a tight seal which reduces airflow from through the windows but keeps the air coming through the windows (and doorways) from entering too.

Do Thermal Curtains Work in Summer?

While so many homeowners are learning that thermal curtains are a great option for those who are wanting to work towards being energy efficient in the autumn and winter months by leaving having thermal insulated curtains up, can these even work in the summer time? The good news is yes! Thermal curtains can indeed work in the summer, basically, you can count on these to be a reliable source during every season all year round. However, you could consider the color you choose, especially during the summer.

As you may know, if you want to look off in the summer, you opt for light colors such as white. Well, even for thermal curtains you should do the same. White and other light-colored thermal insulated curtains can help reduce heat up to 33% in your home during the hotter months. But there is one thing you need to keep in mind and that’s the position of the window.

Why does the window placement matter?

Just as the color of the thermal curtain is going to matter to help keep the heat out of the room, the placement of the window in the room is going to matter too. Mostly, the door won’t matter, just the window. It’s really about when the sun is out and what time it’s hitting your window. For instance, east-facing windows get the sun very early in the day. If you’re wanting to want to ensure you can keep out the sunlight and all its heat in the summer months than you’re going to need to have an idea of what time it hits your windows.

Ideally, early in the day, you can close your curtains before it gives the sun a chance to enter the space. If you choose to wait until the sun is already out than your space will already be too warm. So, if you know, it’s going to be a hot and sunny day, know when the sun will hit your home, that way you can prepare yourself and prevent the hot air from getting inside.

Can thermal curtain completely cool off a room?

Insulated drapes and blackout curtains won’t completely cool off your home on their own. While it can help, just don’t expect it to do the entire job. This, instead, should be paired up with something such as a good air conditioning system for the best results. It’s totally fine to use an air conditioner, even if you’re working towards being energy efficient. Using a combination is going to be the way way to cool down your house. In fact, the Department of Energy has even stated that curtains can reduce the heat that windows emit by as high as 77%! Nicetown items such as the 4 layered thermal curtains have proven to work, so you can feel confident knowing these work!

Can thermal curtains be used outside?

If you own a pergola, sun room, or even a pavilion, than you may want to sit and enjoy nature in comfort. Sometimes, the shade from the sun isn’t enough. It can still feel too hot and uncomfortable outside. One of the main parts about relaxing outside is being one with nature, and using things such as fan sort of takes away that feeling. So, what some people do is use curtains. Curtains are not only excellent for providing a layer of privacy, but these also just making relaxing outside in the backyard feel far more comfortable. But what about thermal insulated blackout curtains, can they be used outside?

Technically, yes, these can be used outside, but you need to keep in mind that thermal curtains are heavier than traditional curtains. This means that that you’ll have to buy a curtain rod that was specifically made for heavier curtains. On top of that, while you can use thermal curtains outside, it isn’t exactly necessary. Areas such as gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas are in a shelter, but it’s still considered “open air”. Plus, there isn’t any insulation in these either. However, you could use thermal window coverings for areas such as greenhouses and sunrooms, but you’ll need to figure out a way to cover up the ceiling if it’s made of glass.

How Much Do Thermal Curtains Save?

You can count on standard curtains to help reduce energy by 17% by retaining the air that’s already inside. This instantly means that you’re going to lose less heat. If you choose thermal curtains than you can expect it to prevent heat (or cold air) to be lost by an average of 25%. This can go even hire if you’re investing in high-quality, thickly insulated thermal curtains, than it can be as high as 35%. Overall, sound insulating curtains can drastically help you save money on your utility bill.

Why is the use of thermal curtains important throughout the seasons?

Overall, no matter what season, you can count on thermal drapes to prevent any air to leave through your window or doorways ( usually called an insulated door curtain). They trap the air and don’t allow it to spread.