How to Choose the Right Curtain Material Like an Expert

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No matter where you live, curtains are considered one of the biggest necessities for a home. Not only are they meant to help your home truly feel like a home but it’s important to know that curtains go far beyond their appearance. Curtains have a function, they stream in natural light in your home plus they’re used as a method of creating privacy for your home.  

Since curtains are one of the main types of window treatments when it comes to a home, it’s important to think about the material of the curtain itself. You’re going to want to figure out the special functionality it’s going to have and how durable it is according to where they’ll be hung. It may seem odd to ponder about this but curtains can truly make all the difference.  Whether you’re stuck at a standstill in decisions or you just don’t know where to even begin, this guide is going to help you in choosing the right curtain material like an expert!


Cotton curtains are greatly favored for their versatility. The lining for cotton curtains can help out in creating thermal insulation for a space but can also be used as blackout curtains. Cotton curtains tend to be made out of light material that has a clean look to them and are a great fit for more modern or traditional spaces such as a living or dining room. 

When it comes to cotton curtains, you have the option of getting them lined for blacking out the sun or you can opt into sheer cotton curtains as this is going to create an airy look for your space.  While cotton curtains are very versatile, it’s important to know that they’re not safe in kitchens, fireplaces, or anywhere that has flames due to being flammable and for its odor absorption.


If you’re looking for a nice breath of fresh air for your picture-perfect space then linen curtains could be just what you need.  Linen curtains offer a beautiful texture with so much functionality. The material is fairly thin so they can be used as a sheer or semi-sheer curtain for a space that you want to fill out with natural light such as your living room.  Linen curtains can be lightweight to heavyweight, but it’s important to keep in mind that these gorgeous curtains need to be dry cleaned only and hung immediately, or else you’ll face wrinkled linen curtains.


If you want to achieve a more luxurious look then you should look no further than to rich and decadent velvet curtains. Velvet curtains can be natural or man-made, but that doesn’t take away the polished appearance velvet curtains can bring into a room.

This heavy-weight material is excellent as it acts as a thermal insulator since the thick fabric can block out the cold air. The thickness of velvet curtains can also bring an extra layer of privacy as they’re excellent for blacking out light and blocking sounds as well. Whether you want to achieve a regal master bedroom or a formal dining room, any room is going to look great with velvet curtains.


“Light”, “airy”, and “dainty” are all words that perfectly describe lace curtains. Lace is a very sheer fabric, since it’s so translucent it helps achieve natural light in the space while still bringing in a layer of privacy. Lace curtains tend to be available in neutral shades such as ivory or white. It’s important to know that this light and flowy material can be machine washed or dry cleaned,  but it’s always best to check your lace curtains labels first for washing instructions.


Burlap curtains are made of a coarse and loose weave fabric. Burlap curtains can add a phenomenal texture to any space in your home. Not only can burlap curtains achieve a very rustic appearance such as a farmhouse feel for a space,  but they’re also excellent for creating depth and warmth without having the appearance look too heavy for the windows.


If you want to create a more upscale atmosphere or bring something a little more ornamental to your home then luxurious silk curtains could be a great option for you. Silk curtains are beautiful as they can help create a very sophisticated appearance in a space. It’s important to point out that the silk curtain is more for aesthetic purposes rather than functions. Nonetheless, they offer romance and can be ideal for creating formal spaces such as a dining room. 

While silk curtains are more on the expensive side, faux silk curtains tend to be cheaper, besides also being more durable. Regardless of whether or not you’re choosing silk or faux silk curtains fabric, it’s strongly encouraged to protect your fabric. While natural light seeping through silk curtains is beautiful, it can potentially cause sun damage to your silk curtains. So it’s best to protect your investment by using window shades or some light-colored panels for the lining of the curtains.


Polyester is one of the most common fabrics used for curtains, and they can often be a great choice, especially if you’re purchasing curtains for the first time. Polyester curtains are affordable, durable, strong against light, plus they’re sturdy. These curtains are very easy to take care of as they are water resistant, plus you don’t have to worry about polyester curtains getting wrinkled or damaged when washed. Polyester curtains are excellent for using outside in case you’re needing curtains for your outdoor living space.


Damask curtains are made from a fabric of the same name. This beautiful curtain has a design woven into the fabric itself. Damask curtains design usually has a matte and sheen contrast to it. Since damask curtains tend to be two-toned, it allows them to be reversible and flexible. These can add a very classy appearance to your space whether you’re eyeing these to be in your living room or dining room. Another added benefit to damask curtains would be the fact that their fabric is water-resistant.


Voile curtains, commonly called net curtains are characterized by the net-like material that the fabric has. It leaves a slight resemblance to windows due to the square netting. These sheer curtains are very soft and have more body and structure than chiffon fabric. Voile curtains are usually made of 99% cotton or cotton blended with linen or polyester.

This fabric is excellent for diffusing and regulating how much light comes into the space without making it dark. While voile curtains are sheer curtains, they do create a protective layer of privacy and are perfect for spaces that may get a bit overlooked such as your entryway or living room.

Building on the versatility of voile curtains, many homeowners and interior designers have embraced innovative techniques to enhance their window treatments. One such method is the concept of layering curtains. By introducing different textures, colors, and patterns, one can add depth and dimension to their windows. Pairing voile curtains with heavier drapes or other fabric types can create a beautiful blend of light diffusion and aesthetic appeal. This approach not only elevates the room’s ambiance but also offers variable privacy levels. For those keen on exploring various curtain layers and how to effectively combine them, there are abundant ideas and tips available, ensuring your space resonates with both functionality and style.


Satin curtains are similar to silk curtains as they’re excellent for formal rooms or anywhere that you’re hoping to achieve a more luxurious appearance. One of the more prominent reasons why people flock to satin curtains over silk curtains would be the fact that they’re a fraction of the price! Just like silk curtains, satin curtains are known for its drapability which helps out in making it an excellent drape for your home.

These durable and wrinkle-resistant curtains can make a complete transformation for any space.  Since satin is partially made out of silk, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s likely for your satin curtains to receive some sun damage. In order to prevent this from happening, it’s best to add a lining to your satin curtains or have window shades over your curtains. This is especially prevalent for windows that receive a lot of sunlight.


Chiffon curtains are extremely sheer curtains. This lovely fabric is made of silk, polyester, and/or nylon. When it comes to the chiffon fabric for your space, it’s material that can help in creating an airy appearance. A single layer of chiffon curtains is very transparent, but it can even be layered up to create a more opaque appearance and create a strong color.

Since chiffon curtains are so transparent, it’s best to use this for a space where you welcome natural light but this should also be a space that you want to expand through the illusion of light.  Chiffon curtains can come in a variety of colors, but if you want to achieve a light, bright, and airy look then choosing white or ivory would be optimal.


Bring the taste of the Scottish Highlands to your home with some wool curtains. Wool curtains are one of the most well known and loved fabrics. The wool curtain is very warm, as it’s optimal for those who live in colder climates. Since the material is so thick, it’s excellent for using as a method of thermal insulation for your home to keep the cold air out. The heavy and strong fabric of wool curtains is excellent and you can guarantee that it will be long-lasting. With its highland style and inviting look, you can count on wool curtains as an excellent choice for your whole home.

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