How to Keep Your Soundproof Curtains Clean

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When it comes to curtains, cleaning them can be a big job. You have to keep in mind that these are one of the few spaces in a home that doesn’t get cleaned too often. On top of that, there are so many different fabrics out there, from linen to velvet; they’re all going to have different ways of how they need to be washed. While it’s so important to take out time several days a year to look over your curtains, it’s something you need to be careful with. Fibers can get damaged if you wash them incorrectly, leading you to have to buy new ones.

But what about soundproof curtains? Well, when it comes to soundproofing curtains, they’re not washed and cleaned the same way as their traditional counterparts. In fact, there is a special way to wash thick soundproof curtains due to their layers. So, let’s take a look at how you should properly keep your soundproof curtains clean; this way, they’ll last for years on end!

To Wash or Not to Wash? That is the Question

While there are some curtains that can be easily tossed into the washer machines or hand-washed in a sink, not every curtain is the same. This especially includes the soundproof curtain. Let’s take a look at how this needs to be properly cleaned.

When Your SoundProof Drapes Need Washing

There is no doubt about it that 3 layer soundproof curtains or any layered soundproofing curtain can be a challenge to clean. You need to keep in mind that it’s not going to be you who gets to decide which way is best to clean soundproof curtains. You’ll need to look at the manufacturer’s instructions on the best way to clean a curtain.

For instance, Nicetown blackout soundproof curtains need to be hand-washed at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. But other manufacturers may recommend that soundproofing curtains be machined, washed, or even dry cleaned. Just like with clothes, there is usually a tag attached to curtains, so you can use this to give you an idea of the best way to clean them.

When It Is Time for Your Soundproofing Curtain to Dry

If you’re spraying it down, handwashing, wiping, or using the washer machine, you need to think about drying next. You’re going to need to avoid using heat when drying heavy curtains for soundproofing. You can’t tumble dry these in a drier, and you need to be careful if you’re ironing them out. The backings tend to be plastic and can melt relatively fast. So, instead, you should hang them up to dry on a laundry line. While this may be slow and old fashion, this will be the best way to dry your soundproof curtains for windows and keep them in good condition.

After Cleaning

If you’ve ever washed clothes, towels, or bedding with fabric softener, then you know that refreshing aroma it gives off. Well, if you’re looking to get something like that from your soundproof window curtain, then it’s not strongly recommended. Instead, you should gently squirt Febreze on your curtains to give it a nice scent.


This doesn’t directly involve the curtains themselves, but if you want to make sure your window area smells fresh at all times, then make sure to regularly wipe down your windows and window sills. The built-up condensation can eventually create a foul odor which will eventually be absorbed into the curtain, a far-from-ideal situation.

Clean Windows with Care

Tying in with deodorizing, just make sure you, make sure you clean up your windows but be cautious about what you’re selecting to clean with. Some cleaning agents have grease in it, which could make its way to the curtains. Sometimes, going the simple route, such as an old cloth and window cleaner, could do just the trick.

Regular Cleanings

If you wipe down your curtains often, as well as clean the window area, at least once a week on average then you can count on lowering the chances of mold and unwanted odors.

How Often Should You Do Maintenance to Keep Your Curtains Fresh?

When it comes to how often you need to do maintenance, that’s going to be a tricky question. There are a number of factors that come in, such as how the ventilation is in your home, the amount of pets you have in that shed, how dusty is your home, and the humidity of your home too. So, here is general advice on how you can keep your soundproof curtains smelling and looking fresh.


Give your curtains a good dusting, this could include a shake or a firm pat-down to get the dust to dislodge. You should also dust your furniture and vacuum your floor too. Also, if you see anyspots or stains, use a damp sponge with mild laundry detergent to remove them. Afterward, a nice squirt of Febreze or a similar product will get it to smell as fresh as it looks.


If you lack time for weekly upkeeps or want to make sure your soundproof curtains are extra clean when you can always vacuum your curtains with a soft brush attachment and cover the end with cheesecloth. That way, you’re not creating any snags, and you’re still getting dust and dander off your curtains.

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