What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls

By Tom H. – Apr 22,2022 | Blog, Curtains Buying Guide | Share:

The color gray is huge right now! It’s one of those neutral colors that create this perfect balance and light and darkness. It can be moody; it can evoke calmness; it can evoke an array of emotions, really. Gray adds depth, from furniture to flooring; it has a way of creating depth that other colors don’t quite have the ability to do. So when it comes to having a gray room, more specifically gray walls, there can be some challenges.

The average wall is usually white, maybe some neutral color, and or even some funky wallpaper design. But nonetheless, gray isn’t your typical wall color. While gray can add plenty of depth, it’s going to be the furniture, the décor, and the textiles that help create that depth within the space. This goes for curtains as well. If you’re wanting to make your space look incredible and boost your aesthetics, then these tips are for you.


Maybe you’re thinking about bedroom curtains to go with gray walls; if so, you’re in luck because there are plenty of gray bedroom curtain ideas! There is plenty of colors and fabric that perfectly complement the curtains gray bedroom. It’s all about considering the ambiance you want in your room, the color of your furniture, other textiles (such as linen), and the décor in your space too. Since color is a major factor on how curtains can pair nicely in a bedroom (or any other room) with gray walls, here are some color suggestions you may want to keep in mind.


So, what color curtains go with light gray walls? Since gray has various hues, charcoal gray is one of the lighter shades. Charcoal gray is fairly textured, so why not try out a more monochromatic look for your room? You could consider our Luxury Velvet Curtains; not only are they luxurious, but they’re perfect for blocking out sunlight so you can get some extra sleep in your bedroom or create some privacy in other spaces of your home. It definitely creates a vibe, a modern but very classy one that will make you never want to leave your space.


nicetown cream velvet curtains

Gray walls with cream curtains are just a match made in Heaven! The cream curtains gray walls just create this excellent pairing. Whether you want to opt into a more tan tone, creamy hues, or even go full-out beige, they all play around with gray walls quite nicely. These light tones on gray walls (especially a light gray) just create this beautiful blend of light within the space itself. If you have exposed brick, framing, concrete, or some industrial features in your home, then the beige curtains really just pop along with the gray walls.

There isn’t necessarily an ideal curtain fabric or texture that pairs up well. That’s actually one of the good parts of it too! You could even opt into our Soundproof Thermal Insulated Curtains, and they’re going to look marvelous in your gray walled space. Bonus points if this is a bedroom as our curtains are both soundproof and help keep the room well insulated.


The dusty rose color is one that you will usually find in a baby girl nursery or maybe even a college dorm room. But this rosy pink doesn’t need to be limited to just these two types of spaces. Dusty rose and other light shades of pink look gorgeous when paired next to a gray color, including a gray wall. It’s beautiful, feminine, sophisticated, and can be considered chic as well.

Pleated Velvet curtains are one of the best ways to make a statement; it instantly levels up a space making it look so gorgeous! We have our Pinch Pleat Luxury Velvet curtains that come in dusty rose. You can count on these looking fantastic against your gray walls!


Yellow and gray are a combination that you wouldn’t necessarily imagine being paired together, but they’re absolutely considered the perfect pair! Just look online at yellow and gray together; they look amazing and keep each other perfectly in balance. Yellow curtains make total sense for a gray wall, thanks to this nice balance.

Just like there are plenty of shades of gray, you’ll find more than enough shades of yellow too. From mustard yellows for those autumn vibes through twist tab luxury velvet curtains, all the way to cheery yellow pastels that remind you of spring, pairing these up with a gray wall adds that nice pop of color you never knew you needed.


Just like yellow, purple comes in a variety of shades, from a pastel lilac to a deep violet hue. Purple curtains, in particular, are gorgeous, and when up against a gray wall, they take center stage! If you’re open to having some natural lighting in your room, sheer curtains allow the purple shades and the wall gray to create this perfect fusion while sunlight seeps through.


While we just covered the curtain colors you could use for your bedroom; if you have gray walls in your living room then you can’t forget about the options there either. Gray living room curtains can look spectacular! Gray drapes for living room can look completely gorgeous, especially if you’re aiming to have a more modern-esque vibe for your space. When it comes to gray curtains for living room, one thing you’ll want to ask yourself is how much you’re wanting to match your curtains with your wall.

Gray curtains for living room can definitely look great but you’ll need to think about the different shades of gray you’re wanting in the space and how well they can match up with the rest of the furniture in the living room itself. Dark gray walls on light gray curtains living room can look marvelous, and vice-versa. Opening yourself to various shades of the same color creates more depth for the monochromatic appearance.


You simply can never go wrong with the classic white. A gray living room with white curtains looks fabulous, traditional, but it’s very easy to modernize as well. Whether you’re wanting to rock the contemporary vibe, midcentury modern, or even go rustic with farmhouse then sticking white classic white is something you can never go wrong with. But what about the curtain material? Well, this is totally up to your own preference. Maybe you want to create carefree vibes with linen curtains or choose something such as Blackout Curtains for more privacy; the choice is yours!


nicetown navy blue velvet curtains

Who doesn’t love navy blue? Navy curtains gray walls is a color combination that not many think about, but it looks so beautiful together. The deep rich colors from both the blue and the gray look impeccable when combined. Navy blue curtains with gray walls are one of the prettiest choices out there.

It makes the room feel dark, and if you want to evoke a more moody ambiance, then it’s perfect. It looks especially gorgeous when pairing it with light-colored furniture such as a white couch. You also shouldn’t forget about the material for the curtains either. Luxury Velvet Curtains not only look great, but it really adds on to create that chic appearance.


Florals are vibrant and fun, and they can add so many pops of color. Whether you want Insulated Floral drapes or something a little sheerer, florals can bring that needed color and design your walls are missing in the living room. There is one risk to floral curtains, and that would be the fact that they can look a little too busy. If you want to play it safe and reduce the visual clutter, then maybe opt for larger floral pattern prints.


Ultimately, cool gray can add a sense of subtle sophistication to the warmth of brown wood furniture. As the grey walls make your room dark, Nicetown sheer curtains will work well if you need more lighting to pass through your room. But if you want curtains instead, here are some color options we suggest:
·Brick red
·Creams and Tans
·Nicetown whites blackout curtains and off-whites, such as beige
There are more than enough colors, so you’re bound to find one you’ll fall in love with!