Beginner’s Guide to How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling

By Tom H. – Apr 26,2022 | Blog, Curtains Installation Guide | Share:

Do you have the right curtains? How great would it be to hang those curtains without drilling holes on your walls? Don’t worry! You can drastically change the look of your living room without drilling holes thanks to a clever and creative solution.

Hanging curtains without drilling can prove to be a much better option, provided that you can find the right material to use. Curtains are an important aspect of any modern house, and their need depends on the aesthetic perspective of the person who needs it. Hanging curtains without drilling may sound strange or unusual, but believe us when we say it is possible.

There are several methods you can use to hang curtains without drilling and in this article, we will share some that are easy and fairly inexpensive…

Hang Curtain with No Drill Curtain Rods/Tension Rods

nicetown spring tension rod

Everyone knows that the best way to hang curtains is with a drill, but sometimes you just can’t use one for whatever reason. Maybe you don’t have one, or maybe you just don’t want to use it because you’re afraid of drills or you just don’t know how to use it. Whatever the reason, you should still be able to hang curtains!

The answer is simple: just use a tension rod! Stretch it across the top of where your curtain will go, and then attach your curtain to the tension rod. It’s as easy as that.

Step 1: Measure your window. You’ll want to use two pieces of string or ribbon, one long and one short. The lengths don’t matter as long as they’re different by at least 2 inches.

Step 2: Tie one end of each string to the loop at the top of your curtain rod. To make sure the strings are even, tie them together at the top.

Step 3: Decide which side of your window you’d like your curtain to start from. Put a piece of tape on one string at that point, leaving about an inch free from the end of the tape.

Step 4: Hold a ruler up against your window so that it rests against both sides of the glass, with about an inch of space between it and each side of the window frame. Use painter’s tape to hold it in place if necessary.

Would you like to know more details about how to hang curtain rods? We have a dedicated blog detailing the installation process.

Curtain Rod Without Drilling for Small Windows

When it comes to hanging curtains on small windows, many people automatically assume that they need to drill into their walls in order to hang curtains. But this is just not the case.

Well, let me back up a step. First of all, you need to measure your window. Then measure (or guesstimate) the height of what you want your curtain rod to hang from on the wall. Once you have these two measurements, finding curtain rods for small windows is easy!

You can use tension rods or no drill curtain rods for small windows. Both will do a good job at holding up your curtains without drilling into your walls.

Tension rods are very simple and don’t require any tools to install—you just slide them onto the wall and adjust them as needed. For smaller windows, you can use two tension rods instead of one and set them close together to support the weight of your curtains.

Heavy Duty Tension Rods

We’ve all been there. You’re moving into a new apartment and you have to put up your curtains, but you don’t want to drill holes in your wall. There’s gotta be a better way, right?

Not so fast! Did you know that heavy duty tension rods–the kind that hold up patio umbrellas–are the perfect tool for hanging your curtains without ever having to put a hole in your wall?

The best part about this hack is that the curtain rod already has hooks on it, so you don’t have to buy any other equipment or supplies. You’ll just need two tension rods and two hooks that can hold up the weight of whatever curtains you’re working with. The most important thing to remember is making sure the rod can hang straight and not at an angle: if it’s not straight, it could cause damage to your walls or ceilings.

Hang Velcro Tab Top Outdoor Curtains Without Drilling

We’ve found a new way to hang Velcro Tab Top Outdoor Curtains without drilling! We think you’re going to love it.

That’s right, we’ve discovered that tension curtain rods are the way to go!

To get started, you’ll need to gather a few supplies:

  1. Velcro Tab Top Outdoor Curtains
  2. Tension Curtain Rods (You’ll want to choose the size of your curtain and purchase a rod that fits the window.)

Step 1: Attach the curtains to your tension curtain rod with hooks. The hooks will attach directly onto your tension curtain rod and help hold up your curtains. Step 2: Once you’ve attached your curtains, you’ll want to thread each one onto the hooks on the other side of the hooks. That should do it! You’re all set!

Use Command Hooks

Anyone who’s ever tried to figure out how to hang curtains without drilling has probably felt like it’s impossible. But that’s because you didn’t know about Command Hooks!

Anywhere that you can use a hook, you can use Command Hooks. You can hang them on walls, on the top of the door, even in the bathroom. No matter where you need to hang something, there’s a Command Hook for it.

Drywall is a pain in the butt—and if you’re hanging curtains, it’s even worse because you have to put holes in it. The great thing about Command Hooks is that they’re made from a special kind of plastic that sticks to the wall but also feels like fabric and doesn’t leave any residue. They’re also really easy to remove and re-use, so no matter what your room needs when you move out of it, they’ll be ready for it!

DIY Magnetic Curtain

If you’ve ever had an urge to make a magnetic curtain for your home, but can’t handle the thought of putting a drill near your beautiful plaster walls, then we have just the thing for you!

It’s called a DIY Magnetic Curtain. This is how it works:

You buy two pieces of fabric that are slightly bigger than your window (you can make them longer than the window if you want, but it won’t be necessary. )

You buy strong magnets (the stronger the better, these are really strong. )

You stick the magnets to the fabric in whatever way you want; this way you can decide exactly how much magnet will show and where it will be.

The next step is to put up the curtain over your window. You can choose to leave a gap between the curtain and window or fold it behind the glass. If you want it to stay closed while there’s still some daylight outside, use a magnet strap in order to keep it shut. When it’s dark outside, just tap your finger on one of the magnets and they’ll stick together in order to close the curtain.

There are plenty of reasons to avoid putting holes in your wall. However, curtains are an essential part of home design and increase functionality by bringing privacy and the ability to control the light in your home(For example, the Nicetown thermal insulated 100 blackout curtains with three in one function). We hope this guide from Nicetown window treatment helps you hang curtains in apartments or on problematic walls without damaging your wall. View each solution above to see which alternative suits your home spaces. After all, it would be best if you did not have to choose between using curtains and damaging your walls.