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How To Hang Curtains in A Dorm Room

By Tom H. – May 19,2022 | Blog, Curtains Installation Guide | Share:

Dorm rooms are that cozy haven that teenagers look forward to moving into once they leave home for college. They have the freedom to put whatever they want up in their own space, show their creativity, and truly let their personality just shine! But, surprisingly, one common question that comes up would be “how do you hand curtains in a dorm room?”. And this is honestly a more than common question to ask.

While not every dorm room is created equally, most dorm walls seem to be made out of concrete. So, asking how to hang dorm curtains isn’t really out of the question. There is a large abundance for curtains for dorm room. Dorm drapes can really help set the mood for the space. Plus, dorm window curtains are needed to block the light out. So, this is your handy guide to learn all about how to hand curtains in a dorm room!


There’s no doubt behind it when it comes to dorm rooms, one of the first questions when decorating would be “how to hang curtain rod in dorm room”, well the dorm room curtain rod situation can be tricky. So due to this, it’s entirely feasible to question how to hang a curtain rod in a dorm room. Some rooms are going to made out of different wall material, plus, there may be some issues with the installation process. But here are three ways you can hang your dorm curtain rod with ease.


nicetown spring tension rod

Tension rods and be one of the best ways to hang up curtains in a dorm room. There’s no need to drill, and tension rods are easily adjustable as well. You just need to make sure that the end caps of the rods are nicely snugged on flat service. One of the only downsides to tension rods would be their lack of strength. So, if you’re considered some blackout curtains, then you may want to reconsider getting this rod.


Ceiling hooks are not commonly used nowadays, but they can work. For starters, you’ll need to brush up and read the rules on what you can and can’t do in your dorm. Ceiling hooks are mainly self-adhesive and hang from the ceiling to lift up the curtain rod. But you’re going to need to save some super lightweight material for your curtain, same can be said for the curtain rod as well.


Twist and fit curtains rods do not get the love that they deserve. These are very sophisticated, look wonderful, and they are similar in function to tension rods. If you have a window that simply cannot accommodate tension rods, then this could be your answer. You twist these to get them to fit, similar to a tension rod. It’s the brackets that are included that latch onto your window trim. But you’ll need to have trim for your window.


When it comes to having a dorm room, it’s understandable that you want to cozy it up by any means necessary. Students get to finally have that freedom that they probably didn’t get to have at their home. So, decorating the space is key. So here are some handy dorm curtain ideas that you just may want to try.


One great idea you can try, especially if you have a roommate would be to set up a privacy curtain for dorm bed. Sleeping in the same room with someone who isn’t family can be a bit awkward, but our custom blackout curtains can take all of this awkwardness away while still giving you the privacy that you deserve. If you want to try something like this to shield your bed whether it be a bunk bed, or room division, some self-adhesive ceiling curtains could be exactly what you need to get the job done.


nicetown pink sheer overlay blackout curtains

When it comes to dorm rooms, it’s important to make this little space feel like your home. It’s yours, and you can decorate it however you’d like. A lot of dorm rooms will already come with some shades preinstalled, while shades are great for blocking out the light from the outside world, they don’t necessarily look good. So, one of the best ways to get a nice comfy appearance in the space, block out the sunlight, all while not having some old shades in the room would be some good old dorm blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains for dorm rooms can come in a variety of designs and colors. You’re even welcome to just completely layer them up to add a nice touch. But why go through the effort when we can offer you the blackout and sheer drapes. These are completely custom, you can choose solid colors, plus you can mix and match them!


You definitely cannot forget the closet either, it’s odd to think about, but a lot of closets in dorm rooms are such as open space. This means no door. It’s important to keep a consistent and seamless flow in the space. Showing off your closet is only going to add more clutter to the space.

Cluttered spaces are not only an eyesore, but can cause a lack of productivity too. Some of the best work a student does is right in their dorm! So, in the chance that you don’t have a door on your closet, why not consider some dorm closet curtain ideas? Curtains for dorm room closets are more common than you think. You can even look into one of our spring tension rods, they’re big enough to where they can extend across your closet space. This is definitely something major that you want to consider.

Overall, it doesn’t need to be a challenge to decorate your dorm room. It’s all about having some fun, thinking outside the box. Curtains are one of the best ways to instantly elevate a space, so make sure to not skip out on it!