Why You’ll Love Them

Artful Print

Be bold to show your personality with these gorgeous patterns

Practical Function

Stylishly offer privacy and keep light at bay

Product Features

Gorgeous Look

Kid Friendly

Budget Friendly

Easy Care

Boost Mood


The patterned curtains enhance the room decor. They’re the perfect accessory for the space. For example, a gentle Moroccan pattern keeps these from being an ordinary set of white sheer curtains. They bring subtle beauty and a sense of peacefulness to this room. Maybe you’ like your curtain panels to play a supporting role to the rest of your decor. In that case, find drapery in a color that’s similar to the color of your walls. This could be either in the pattern itself or in the background color of the print.


Multiple choices:   Customize size (Available from 20" to 200" in height and width respectively) 、multiple color and curtain header type.

Material:   100% imported high-quality polyester.

Header type:    GrommetPencil PleatRod PocketDual Rod PocketsBack TabTab TopTwisted Tab TopPinch PleatDouble Pinch PleatTriple Pinch Pleat

Package Included:   1 piece of curtain

Care Instructions

Hand wash, max 86°F

Do not bleach, do not tumble dry

Warm ironing the back only

Do not dry cleaning

Do not use fabric softener to protect the fabric