6 Unique Window Treatment Ideas for Large Windows

Apr 07,2022 Tom H.

Having large windows has become a widely appreciated fashion. Large windows are a gorgeous addition to the home interior. People prefer more expansive panes because this practice adds to the room’s beauty. Previously, they were only present in huge castle-like homes, but now they have gained a regular place in small-sized or medium-sized homes. Their benefits also include cost reduction in energy bills. But you have to use some key tactics like installing alluring curtains to filter out the light or even block it out. This article will suggest the six best curtain ideas for large windows so you can make the best decision.

Choosing the curtains for large windows that match your house’s interior look would be best.

Curtains are The Best Option of Window Treatment for Large Windows

1. Custom Rod Pocket Velvet Curtains

VELVET CURTAINS for Large Windows

The first elegant addition to our “curtains for large windows” list is the rod pocket velvet curtains. The first thing buyers look for when buying a curtain is its size. However, that’s not the case with this product, as you can easily customize it according to the window size.

Most people see curtains as a luxury product for their large windows. Hence, their primary requirements are elegance, style, and beauty. Due to its lustrous appearance, this product is an excellent addition to the house’s interior. It gives a soft, silky touch and also blocks excessive sunlight from entering.

It’s designed to give a light, airy feel, but it’s not thin or substandard and provides sufficient privacy. It doesn’t prevent heat from leaving the room in winter and restricts it from entering during summer. It’s OEKO-TEX certified and can be used in bedrooms, media rooms, living rooms, etc. The twist tab feature gives it an alluring and glamorous look. These outstanding features have earned it a place in the best large window treatment ideas.

2. Custom Bohemian Back Tab Blackout Curtains

blackout Large Windows curtains

When choosing curtains for large windows, people look for protection from strong sunlight and privacy. They want a curtain that can block irritating UV light and promote a relaxed and calm environment. These desirable features are the main signature mark of bohemian back tab blackout curtains.

You can also choose this curtain for its energy cost reduction feature. It’ll be a 100% efficient energy barrier and block excessive thermal or sound energies from interrupting. They’re the best choice if you want to reduce your electricity bill.

It’s made of wrinkle-free fabric. Unique grommets and tassels gracefully add to its beauty. You can easily customize it according to your window’s size. Installing a curtain is one of the best modern window coverings for large windows.

3. Pinch Pleat Blackout Velvet Curtains

velvet large windows curtains

Pinch pleat curtains are the best window treatments for large windows. The velvety touch amplifies the elegance and gracefulness of this product. Such a quality product is seldom seen in the market.

Some people like to buy curtains that have easy installation and rich texture. This curtain is the best choice for them, including a pinch pleat header with a drapery pin.

Moreover, the 100% blackout feature leaves no excuse for not buying these curtains for large windows. If you want to enjoy a peaceful sleep without irritation from excessive sunlight, you must buy them. All these features, coupled with a suitable price, have made these curtains hot-selling modern window coverings for large windows.

4. Custom Grommet Velvet Curtains

luxury curtains for large windows

Some people want to add an elegant and luxurious product to their interior, while others want to save their house from unnecessary heat and sunlight. Some want to embellish their interior with a durable and refined article. What if you could have all these qualities in one product? Look no further. Buy custom grommet velvet curtains now and enjoy a tranquil sleep.

Anyone who knows these things well can easily judge that it is premium-quality velvet and not some cheap-grade thing. It has proven itself one of the best large window treatment ideas for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kids’ rooms, etc.

5. Custom Tab Top Sheer Curtains

sheer large curtains for windows

These are specially made for people who want sufficient light to enter for slight illumination and block unnecessary light. They are versatile and durable tab top sheer curtains for large windows. They give you a soft and delicate feel of premium-quality linen. They’re easily manageable and need to be dry-cleaned regularly.

You can customize it according to your window’s size. It’s a tab top curtain that will fit perfectly in any room of your house.

6. Custom Rod Pocket Sheer Curtains

a sheer large window curtain

The presence of this fabulous fabric enhances the luxurious beige color of these rod pocket sheer curtains. They prevent excessive light from disturbing your eyes. They don’t disrupt the natural light from entering the room, but they’ll block it if it’s too intense. This product comprises triple-weaved soft fabric; hence, it is one of the best curtain ideas for large windows. It’ll beautify the appearance of any living space with its sheer white design.

They’ll help when you’re sleeping and the sun comes up. These curtains will keep their light, airy feel and still block sunlight and heat effectively. If you want pleasing and alluring living room window treatments for large windows at a lower cost, you should go for it.

Curtain Ideas for Large Windows: Final Thoughts

No matter how beautiful or elegant your windows look, they are useless if not decorated with stylish curtains. Choosing the best curtain can be a tricky job. However, we advise that you should select according to some parameters. These are:

● Your room’s color

● Privacy requirements

● The overall style of your home (decorative, modern, mid-century, minimalistic, traditional, etc.)

● Window’s shape

● Whether the same curtain design will be good throughout your home

Choosing suitable curtains for your large window can take much work. When it comes to large windows or a group of windows side by side, such as sliding or French doors, the hard decisions could make you feel overwhelmed when you think about dressing them. However, it would help if you always remembered to select according to some parameters. These are:

● Your room’s color

● Privacy requirements (blackout window curtain panels can fit privacy needs ideally!)

● The overall style of your home (decorative, modern, mid-century, minimalistic, traditional, etc.)

● Window’s shape

What is your goal? Do you need the treatments to be functional, decorative, or both?