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The whole boho vibe is all about being dedicated to freedom. It’s all about going against structure, and just let loose. Having that boho inspired space such as the boho curtain just ties the look in. It can help you feel free and relaxed in your space! Window treatments such as boho curtains can definitely help that peace, love, and free-flowing vibes that you’re wanting to achieve. In fact, there are plenty of boho curtain ideas that you’re just going to love! So, here’s how you can get started on cozying up that space!


When it comes to the whole boho aesthetic, you’re going to find that that it totally differs compared to other mainstream interior styles. When it comes to boho window treatments, you’ll basically find that there isn’t anything wrong the lack of rules! Bohemian curtains on the markets can have the power to add those funky eclectic vibes that you just may be after, some happiness and warmth, thanks to the fun colors and patterns that are displayed.

There isn’t even necessarily a texture either when it comes to the boho style curtains. Overall, whether you’re wanting to go full on bohemian or just want some boho chic curtains, it’s all up to you!


When it comes to those fun gypsy curtains, you’re going to want to think about the print (if that’s your style of course). There are plenty of boho print curtains out there. The boho print look is all about mixing and matching textures, colors, and designs together. Let’s take a look at some of the more common styles of boho printed curtains.

H3: Boho Geometric

You can definitely count on one of the more defining features for the whole Boho style to be geometric prints. These fresh patterns are all about giving a nice nod to tribes, the hunters and gathers. Geometric shapes would be displayed in clothes, pottery, and other forms of art. You’re going to fall in love with our custom blackout curtains, coming in a variety of different styles, colors, and patterns, You can definitely count on these to achieve that free-vibing boho style that you’re after.

Fall in Love with Florals

nicetown floral print blackout curtains

The bohemian style is all about embracing nature, and allowing the outside to come in. What better way then to have some gorgeous florals right on your curtains? Having that touch of nature is just going to instantly elevate the space, making you feel unstoppable!


nicetown patterned blackout curtains

The whole medallion style, also known as “mandala” pays a nice nod to the beautiful prints in Morocco. So why not transport your room into a beautiful riad with some gorgeous medallion printed boho curtains, houseplants, and plenty of cushions? Usually, Moroccan medallions are bright colors, and maybe even some gold, and this could also make your window treatments look so luxurious as well!

Try Some Tie-dye

nicetown patterned blackout curtains

The hippie movement took a lot of influence from the bohemians. Nowadays, when it comes to the whole boho style, you’re going to find plenty of hippie-inspired décor as well. This could include peace signs, symbols of love, and of course, tie-dye. While there is the whole multi-colored tie-dye, you can also count on other designs for curtains as well. Maybe if you’re after something such as while and blue (see photo above), this could easily be achieved too!


While there are plenty of boho style curtains such as printed designs, when it comes to boho curtains ideas, you should definitely know that there is so much more that can be offered too! So, let’s take a look at the different styles on the market for boho chic curtains that we know you’re just going to fall in love with.

Boho Sheers

Who says sheer curtains can’t have a little pizzazz? There are plenty of options when it comes to boho sheer curtains. You can expect various textures such as geometric shapes, or maybe even something a little more dainty such as florals. Sheer curtains still keeps that privacy while also bringing in that much-needed sunlight. The whole boho-vibe is all about being one with nature, and you can count on soaking up the sun with some lovely boho sheers.


nicetown pom pom sheer curtains

Why not bring some extra texture into the space with some pom-pom curtains? Really, who doesn’t like a good pom-pom? They’re bold, they’re dramatic, and that just make any window treatment look more fun. Plus, pom-poms are similar to tassels as they provide that nice pop of personality and texture.

Venture Into Velvets

nicetown custom velvet curtains

Why not add a little luxury and texture to your boho bedroom curtains? While it’s important what fabrics you use when achieving that boho-filled space, you’re also going to want to think about the color too. Why not go with some boho green curtains? That velvet color, especially green is going to bring some starkness right into the space, some comfort, and that little dab of elegance as well. Out custom velvet curtains are excellent for blacking out the light in spaces such as bedrooms; plus, they’re energy efficient as they block out the air that windows emit.


nicetown grey and white ombre velvet curtains

Metallic tones aren’t usually associated with the boho style, but trust us, they certainly work. Out ombre velvet curtains will certainly make your head turn. They add a bit of attitude and that hint of darkness to balance out the whole room.

Boho Bedroom Curtains: Keep It Simple

There is nothing wrong with keeping it all simple. While boho curtains are simple, elegant, and gorgeous. This is perfect if you’re learning more towards a boho-chic style. Whether you’re after boho bedroom curtains such as boho blackout curtains or maybe something a little more simplistic and open such as sheer white curtains, this can be perfect for just letting the surrounding in the space do all the work. So why not let your decorative accent, the walls, and the other textiles within the space steal the show? Embrace simplicity, even for the window treatments!

Glowing with Gold

nicetown custom golden velvet curtains

Gold is simply darling and it just instantly takes you back to the 70s, at the pique of the boho style. Out velvet curtains are certainly stunning, unique, and you can count on this glowing gold hue to just help your window treatments, and your wall look entirely stunning!