Blackout Curtains, Room Darkening Curtains, Light Filtering Curtains – What are the Differences?

Apr 01,2022 Tom H.

Many homeowners tend to interchangeably use the terms “Blackout Curtains”, “Room Darkening”, and “Light Filtering” when purchasing the perfect pair of curtains for their home. It’s true that all these types of curtains tend to reduce light and heat exposure and increase privacy – but at the same time, they’re offering different solutions to the same problem. Yes, they’re each associated with pros and cons – and it’s important for you to know which one exactly meets your needs.

Don’t worry – here’s an elaborated guide for you to differentiate  these 3 dominant curtain categories. Choose the right one and transform your space into an absolute heavenly retreat!


what are blackout curtains

What Are Blackout Curtains?

First let’s answer the question of “what are blackout curtains“. As the name suggests, the blackout curtains have the potential to block 100% of the incoming light. So, if you no longer want the sun rays waking you up early in the morning – this curtain type is something to look forward to. Generally, the blackout curtains make an efficient statement in the bedrooms, nurseries, hotel rooms, theaters, conference rooms, media rooms, and dark rooms. They are meant to create a pitch-dark ambiance when shut while protecting your eyes against the sharp glare and ultraviolet radiations that can negatively impact your skin as well as the furniture.

How Do Blackout Curtains Work?

Blackout curtains are curtains with an equipped lining or backing that is made of a tightly woven fabric. In this way, the incoming rays are blocked to create a perfect ambiance for you to sleep and relax. Generally, only when blackout curtains’ colors are darker and fabrics are thicker can their ability to keep light out be much better. But some top-quality blackout curtains can achieve the same ideal blackout effect with any color. NICETOWN’s 4-Layer Blackout, Soundproof, Thermal Insulated and Particle Filtering Curtains is one of them. You can thus choose any color you truly like for your own custom blackout curtains.

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Pros of Blackout Curtains

Apart from temperature control, these blackout curtains offer a wide array of other benefits and advantages.

● Energy-Efficient

Leaky corners and windows are majorly responsible for the unwanted exchange of heat between outdoors and indoors. It’s said that 25% of heat in your home escapes through these gaps. Hence, these blackout drapes will help keep the heat inside the room while also cutting down on energy costs, simultaneously. And especially when you have single-pane or double-pane windows in your homes, blackout curtains are highly recommended.

● Sound Blocking

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of a home. Whether it’s visual or sound – the blackout curtains can equally offer benefits for both kinds of privacy. They can efficiently act as a sound barrier and provide acoustic qualities in your room. So, if you reside in a heavy traffic area or a city with high noise pollution – these blackout curtains are something to have an eye on!

● Sunlight Blocking

Blackout curtains are also responsible for wellness at home. In a way, they help foster a healthy and sound sleep by maintaining your circadian rhythm. So, if you want to block out the unwanted brightness in your bedroom early in the morning, these blackout drapes will offer the right solution. Also, they will avoid overheating!

Cons of Blackout Curtains

● Blackout curtains can make a room pitch black, which means you’ll have to rely on electric light sources to see when they’re fully closed.

● Blackout curtains in general are heavier than other curtain types and require sturdy rods, which means you might need to switch from your current rods installed to heavy duty curtain rods.

● You might find with hanging your blackout curtains is that you can still get a halo of light around the edge.

Different Styles of Blackout Curtains

● Your blackout curtains don’t have to be necessarily old-school and monotonous-looking! Yes, some of them can easily blend into your traditional, modern, contemporary, modern farmhouse, or bohemian interior design setbacks. So, let’s have a look at these 5 stylish blackout curtains that can offer all of the above-mentioned benefits along with appealing aesthetics.

● Tufted Dot: If you like the fun-loving and playful polka dots in your room, don’t hold back from the curtains that will readily exhibit the vibe.

● Crossweave: Some blackout curtains come with an intriguing crosshatch pattern that can add a layer of texture and drama to your space!

● Pom Pom: Especially for the kids’ bedroom and nursery, never hold back from curtain details like pom poms. They can add texture and depth – and a sense of visual interest to the space.

● Velvet: Do you embrace a luxe and splendor vibe in your space? Well, it’s time to catch hold of the velvet curtains that not only control temperature but also add depth and richness to the room. Have a look at this velvet blackout curtain idea!

● Prints: Looking to add a visual statement to your space? Well, add some fun with natural florals and patterns for a refreshing vibe.

blackout curtains styles

If you’ve decided that blackout curtains are what you would like to have for your home, here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to hang blackout curtains to help you do it completely on your own without hassle. Our dedicated customer service team will also be more than pleased to answer all your question about curtain installation.

Now let’s move on to a detailed comparison of light filtering vs room darkening curtains:


Just like the blackout curtains, the room darkening curtains can block unwanted heat and light in the room. The difference between room darkening and blackout curtains is that the room darkening curtains are composed of a fabric that is not as thick as the one with blackout curtains. In conclusion, room darkening curtains allow very little light to pass through – so, if you like the feel of a little light in the room, room darkening curtains will play the perfect role.

Generally, some people don’t admire pitch darkness while taking a nap – and if you’re one of them, it’s time to hang those chic pair of room darkening curtains in your home!

Pros of Room Darkening Curtains

Not sure if room darkening curtains are right for you? Here are the benefits of room darkening curtains to help you decide:

● Since room darkening curtains aren’t turning your room into a cave, they can help your space feel slightly moody and daring.

● On the other hand, these room darkening curtains are equally responsible for blocking UV rays and cutting down on energy costs.

● They typically cost less than blackout curtains.

● They don’t completely block light like blackout curtains but still darken a room significantly.

Cons of Room Darkening Curtains

● Since they’re not as thick as most blackout curtains, room darkening curtains might not be able to provide the most ideal light blocking result you want for a room.

● Similar to blackout curtains, room darkening curtains can be quite heavy and require heavy-duty curtain rods.


As compared to the blackout or room darkening curtains, the light filtering curtains allow more light penetration to create a cozy and comfortable aura indoors. Light filtering curtains offer just the right amount of privacy while also blocking unwanted heat. At the same time, there’s appropriate light penetrated to carry out your daily activities – without really switching on the artificial lights.

light filtering curtains styles


Pros of Light Filtering Curtains

● Light filtering curtains can be used to complement existing drapes or shades.

● Light filtering curtains allow a breeze to enter the room, adding some romantic and cozy vibes to the space.

● Light filtering curtains are lightweight, which means they work with most types of curtain rods.

Cons of Light Filtering Curtains

If you read this article until the end, you already know when to choose the best of the three. Allow me to make a summary.

Watch your surroundings, internal function, and interior design style! Clarifying your house location, the number of windows, and which direction they are facing are significant when deciding how much light you would like to take in. The style and look you want to create are also important. Make sure you fully understand what you need your window coverings to accomplish. Our Nicetown curtains customer services are happy to help you. We provide the best Nicetown room darkening curtains right here!