Curtain Room Divider Ideas

By Fiona Cheung – Jun 13,2022 | Blog, Window Treatments | Share:

You can do so many things with curtains, while they’re commonly used in part of window treatments to elevate the space and boost coziness, there is a lot more that curtains can do when set up correctly. For instance, room divider curtains just happens to be a thing. A room divider curtain can be great for dorm rooms to children who are having to share a bedroom. It creates a layer of privacy that anyone is entitled too. Curtain room dividers can be fairly easy to set up. Plus, the curtain room divider can actually bring a totally new look to a space such as adding a door. So, need more curtain room divider ideas? Then keep reading on to find out more!


There are plenty of advantages when it comes having yourself room diving curtains. A room divider with curtains can help bring the illusion of possibilities. Nowadays, with more open planning spaces, it can be difficult to have a structured layout, but with a curtain divider, that all simply changes!  When you divide room with curtain, it helps mentally blocking off other parts of the space. There is no doubt about it curtain dividers are amazing! So, let’s check out some of the other advantages that they offer.


Everyone deserves to have privacy, this is something that is absolutely major for everyone. No matter what age you are, privacy is going to be needed. As you already knew, curtains create privacy by shielding the windows. But, they also help out in other ways with privacy. The privacy room divider curtain can be easy to install and it just makes the whole space feel more comfortable. It’s perfect for dorms, studio apartments, shared bedrooms, and so much more! We have curtains that are not only a perfect fit for windows but for dividing up rooms too, out blackout curtain just may be what you’re looking for!


Thanks to Covid, a lot of people have now switched to working from home. While having yourself a home office can be great, it’s also important to be able to mentally shift out of the mindset of how. It can be tough, especially if your home office or desk is right inside of your bedroom. So, you may be asking yourself “how to separate office from bedroom?” and that’s completely fair to ask.

But the good news is you can totally divide bedroom into office space and vice versa. You’ll just need some good curtains, such as our 2 layer blackout curtain. Out of sight, out of mind is very important when it comes to working from home. So visually blocking out the space after hours will certainly help.


While there are plenty of advantages to curtain dividers for spaces, it’s important to have some good curtain room divider ideas that you can put into practice. So, here are some of the best ideas that we wanted to share to you!


Have you ever dreamt of having yourself a walk-in closet like all the celebs? Well, now you can! Wardrobe curtains are a thing, and this can be one of the best ways to create one. There’s no need to scratch your head thinking about how you could make on, no separate room required! Hide your clothes and storage away by simply making a room divider with the curtains. It’s super budget-friendly, quick, and easy to put up!


Surprisingly, doors are becoming less common. Open plans for houses and apartments are becoming more on the rise. While open plans have feel airy and aesthetically pleasing, they can have their disadvantages. One of the disadvantages being lack of doors. No matter where in your home you’re wanting a door, why not try out curtain for doorway? A privacy curtain for doorway could be exactly what you’re looking for!

These not only bring that layer of privacy but they can keep insulation in, and noise out. Big rooms and open plan layouts are not exactly the most energy efficient. Noise spreads quite easily all over the house as it is, but, so does the air. That’s one of the beauties of doors, they keep noise out and the comfortable air in. Curtains can be just as effective as a door is for situations like this. So why not try the easy and budget friendly method?


A lot of luxurious hotel rooms tend to have soft linen curtains hanging down over the walls, not only surrounding the windows, but in other parts of the hotel room too. It just instantly makes the space feel a lot more luxurious. No matter what the size is of your bedroom, even if it’s in a studio apartment, it just instantly elevates the space. So, if you’re looking for curtain ideas for bedrooms, why not try some? Wall curtains behind bed is becoming super trendy.

This isn’t just for diving up the room, but this has also paved way for making bedrooms look far more fun and stylish.  But when it comes to creating your own luxurious hotel room, you can even take it a step further. Why not look into luxurious fabrics such as velvet curtains to hang?


Last, but certainly not least, one of the best ways that you can divide up spaces with curtains could be by a split bedroom. So, maybe you’re wondering to how to divide a bedroom into two rooms, right? Well, curtains for separating rooms is honestly very simple. Whether you need to divide up a shared between for your children, create a closet space, mini home office, or anything else in your bedroom, just know that it is possible! Just look into what your favorite curtains are (don’t forget about the fabric and design), install a stylish curtain rod, and that’s it!