Outdoor Curtain Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Spaces

Mar 04,2022 JENNIFER

outdoor spaces curtain ideas

Curtains surely have a place inside all of our homes. But have you ever considered adding curtains to your outdoor space? These outdoor curtains can really spice up your existing landscape design. They also protect you from outside conditions and give you a bit of privacy.

Having outdoor curtains is an excellent way to protect your porch or outdoor furniture from the elements. Not only do they add more living space to your home, but they also allow you to use your outdoor space during allergy season. In addition, patio curtains are the perfect addition to your home as winter ends and spring begins. You’ll find that you’ll never want to go back to having open windows in your home again!

When it comes to outdoor curtains, there is a vast variety of styles, material and colors, so you need to find something that looks great as well as fulfill your needs.

A complete outdoor decor can be expensive. But, with the perfect outdoor curtains, you can create a beautiful outdoor room all designed by yourself. Whether you’ve a small patio or a pergola, these tips on outdoor curtain ideas will definitely give a new life to your backyard and it won’t cost much.

Gazebo & Pergola Curtain Ideas 

pergola outdoor curtain ideas

Gazebo Curtains:

Outdoor Gazebo curtains are a convenient way to protect you from the elements in rain or shine and also adds up to your privacy to your gazebo. Plus, it’s another luxury tool to make you feel like you’re living in a five star resort. There are a variety of styles and types of outdoor waterproof gazebo curtains. But the one that is shown in the picture on the left side is windproof, thermal insulated, blackout, top & bottom grommet, provides a more intimate space and warms the area in colder seasons of the year. It is easy to handle and clean.

Not only do they provide you privacy but also protect you from weather and mosquitos. By adding these curtains you don’t need to bother about mosquitos and other flying insects buzzing around your ear.

Now you know the specs of outdoor gazebo curtains, you are curious about where you can use them. The possibilities are endless! Here are 4 ideas on where you can use gazebo curtains.

  1. Hot Tub Cover
  2. Dining Area
  3. Kids Play Area
  4. Lounge Area
Pergola Curtains:

outdoor spaces pergola curtains

Whether you are revamping your old pergola or getting a new one designed, make sure you add these pergola curtains that provide style and shade. Curtains can really impact the look and feel of your patio or pergola. In addition to style, outdoor pergola curtains also add a lot of functionality. In addition, we get the convenience of these outdoor decor gazebo curtains being waterproof, sheer and mosquito net.

These soft touching insulated outdoor curtains block out excessive brightness and even provide heat relief. They also offer wind protection, which makes them more exciting and entertaining. The gazebo curtains are able to create your privacy from the neighbors. These outdoor blackout curtains are also a great way to create a calm and romantic place to spend time with your partner. So, what’s better than adding pergola curtains in your backyard. You just have to add a little romantic touch to these and you’re good to go.

Porch curtain Ideas 

outdoor porch curtain ideas

In our homes, Porch is a favorite space for most of us as we spend most of the time from April through October! And for most people shade and privacy are very important things when it comes to their porch. So one of the best ways to enjoy your porch space is by using waterproof outdoor porch curtains.

The curtains on the left side of the above image are made with faux linen, lightweight material providing an airy look, privacy without blocking the view and also are waterproof. They allow you to relax and enjoy outdoor space without having to worry about weather conditions.

The curtain on the right side of the above image is also Waterproof, Tab Top, offers privacy, blocks the sun, and it’s thermal insulated. Neutral color for the front of the house. A harsh weather can reduce the lifespan of your outdoor furniture or even space. So, this curtain is there to help you protect the porch and also the outdoor furniture.

If you are thinking of buying new outdoor porch curtains, here are some great reasons why you should go for these.

Create an Extra Space: 

It may be surprising for you to know that most people don’t take advantage of the porch space as it can give you an incredible extra space to your home. If you install front porch outdoor curtains, you will effectively be adding an outdoor room that you can use all the time. You don’t need to worry about rain or wind, our curtains can handle the climate.

Block out allergies and bugs:

Everyone loves to spend time outdoors, but hates annoying mosquitos and other bugs. Our porch curtains are made with excellent material that fight against seasonal allergies. So there won’t be any itchy eyes, sneezes and headaches. These outdoor privacy curtains can block all the pollen from getting inside of your porch.

Reduce your power bills:

You may have experience getting high energy bills because of direct sunlight and heat entering your home. Installing outdoor porch curtains helps reduce the heat on your porch, and as a result lowering the amount of heat entering your interiors. So, porch curtains can reduce the power bills upto 50%. It keeps the porch cooler and as a result, you don’t have to use too much air conditioner.

Enjoy Summer Day Activities:

Summer time is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities. You can go to your pool or a lounge on a porch to read a book. However, it’ll be difficult to enjoy your outdoor activities with an open porch and sunlight glaring in your face. Because sun rays cause sunburns and skin cancer. Shielding your porch with outdoor porch curtains can help you enjoy all your activities fearlessly.

Patio Curtain Ideas

If you want to create a whimsical or elegant look for your patio, consider using outdoor curtains. These materials are water repellent and mildew resistant, and they will also protect you from UV rays. In addition, these fabrics are easy to hang and hold up well. However, if you want to keep the area private, consider using indoor/outdoor curtains. Here are some benefits that you might want to consider.

By installing patio curtains instead of doors, you can enjoy the outdoor environment without blocking the view and without any effect of weather.

If you’re looking for a tropical look, consider adding outdoor curtains that are on the left side of the above image. The natural texture of these curtains will give your patio a magical look, and they’ll help you create an inviting environment for backyard parties. These curtains are made of lightweight fabrics that resist water and stains, and they can be machine-washed to clean them. Sheer fabrics are a great choice for patios, as they keep out bugs and maintain an open, bright feel.

Outdoor curtains on the right side of the image are also an excellent choice for privacy. They can give you the privacy you need while still letting in the light. They can also create an intimate atmosphere if you want to entertain guests. When the weather is warm and sunny, you can use patio curtains to shade your outdoor furniture. If you have a patio with trees or a deck, use outdoor curtains to create privacy. Choosing the right fabric will make your space more cozy.

Patio curtains are made of durable materials and can be hung from any structure, including a gazebo or pergola roof. These curtains are often designed with mounting hardware and are easy to install. They feature a slatted panel with a hand crank or chain that lowers the curtain panel when needed and raises it when not. They’re available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles.

If you want to keep the outdoors comfortable and private, invest in outdoor curtains. They can help you avoid sunburns and other harmful rays of the sun. By blocking the harsh sunlight, outdoor curtains help you avoid direct sunlight and provide privacy. Plus, they protect your patio furniture by protecting it from damage. If you’re not sure whether to buy a curtain, consider your budget and the space where you’d like it.


You see? Hanging outdoor curtains can be quick and budget-friendly to create a well-styled outdoor space. At Nicetown outdoor curtains catagory, we have several more designs perfect for your home. Pay our Nicetown curtains customer service a visit if you want a smooth decision-making experience. We know what we’re doing regarding specific products, which is why our customers trust us daily.