7 Ways that Soundproof Curtains Can Be Used Outside the Home

May 18,2023 AdminL

Nowadays, soundproofing curtains are one of the most popular choices for homes to handle noise levels such as cars passing by and noisy neighbors. There’s no doubt about it that these could be seen as a major game changer for homeowners everywhere, from getting to sleep more soundly to getting the chance to better enjoy a home theater. But have you ever considered utilizing the versatility of the curtains for other purposes? If you think about it, theaters and performance venues often have curtains hanging up.

While it’s partially due to aesthetic reasons, the main reasons is thanks to the power that these curtains have: muffling sound and balancing out the acoustics within an environment. So, in what other ways can you use soundproof curtains outside the home? What other ways can you use soundproofing curtains in a more professional setting? Keep reading on to find out!

soundproof curtains for outdoor

Construction Sites

Construction sites can generate a lot of noise that can be disruptive to nearby residents and businesses. No one enjoys hearing the loud noise of shouting and machines, but it needs to be done. For the most part, in these construction areas, particularly those that are on a campus, such as a hospital, office park, university, etc., you can expect some kind of noise barrier to be put up.

While you can’t necessarily put up curtains in construction sites, one thing that all construction sites have is a little mobile office. These offices are essentially in the center of the construction site, so noise is coming in from every direction. Loud noises and offices (even in construction sites) just don’t go together well, so having soundproof curtains up in these mobile offices can make it far more bearable to work, have meetings, and be productive over all.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, and sports games can generate a lot of noise that can disturb nearby residents. While there is a thriving and exciting ambiance to these events, the noise that’s generated isn’t particularly welcoming to everyone. Soundproof curtains can be used to create sound barriers around the event area, reducing the amount of noise that escapes and minimizing disturbance to the surrounding community

It’s really going to depend on the event itself and the venue. Something such as a parade or a small-scale sports venue won’t be too possible to have curtains hung. But for open air theaters, old fashion drive-ins, and arenas, it can most likely be possible to have these installed. It’s really going to depend on the layout itself, but this could very well be an option.

outside space soundproofing curtains

Outdoor Dining Areas

Chances are, in the summer months, you’re probably seeing terraces and resorts have curtains surrounding the area. This is fairly reminiscent to luxurious seaside restaurants that you’ll finding in the Mediterranean. While these curtains are partially meant for aesthetics, you’ll often fining that these curtains (depending on the thickness and material) is also mean to muffle out noise and block out the sun.

Generally speaking, even businesses like these want to muffle out the external noise that enters the space as it can damper the overall atmosphere of the space. Restaurants and resorts want to ensure they’re giving their customers the experience of their life while wining and dining. So soundproofing curtains could make a fantastic addition!

outdoor dining soundproof curtains

Movie Sets

Whether you have a small and independent team or you’re working with something on a large scale, such as a major production company, one of the biggest uses for soundproofing curtains would be for theatrical performances. It’s not just in theaters, such as for plays and musicals, but for movie sets as well. Movie sets can generate a lot of noise from equipment and crew members, which can disrupt people, especially if the movie set is in a more public space such as a street. It’s not just disrupting people nearby, but it’s unwelcomed noise being recorded as well.

Microphones are pretty good at picking up unwelcoming sounds, whether it be the wind, movie crew talking, honking horns, birds chirping, essentially anything. Having soundproof curtains surrounding the set, whether it be indoors or outdoors will be perfect for creating a quieter environment, so the background noise will be minimized.

Industrial Facilities

This can loosely tie into construction sites. When it comes to industrial facilities such as power plants, factories, or even airports, these produce a lot of noise both inside and out. While you’re not going to have too much control about the noise that’s being emitted outside, you can at least have control of the noise indoors. All of these facilities will have spaces that need to be quiet, specifically research labs, conference rooms, and offices. So in cases this like, having soundproof curtains can be perfect.

Music Practice and Recording Studios

While spaces for music-related events typically need soundproof curtains such as concert halls, outdoor theaters, and other venues, you can’t neglect the time outside of performances such as music practice and recordings. While music practice spaces aren’t particularly known for having soundproof curtains, this can be something that could be a fantastic option. It’s not even for big shot musicians either, but someone who’s a hobbyist or a group of friends who formed a band can have these as well, especially consider the fact that soundproofing curtains are very affordable. The exact same can be said for recording studios too.

Nearly all recording studios have these, while to the untrained eye, you may think they’re for aesthetic purposes, it’s really all about getting the acoustics just ride and blocking out any outside noise for the room where the musician records in. Generally speaking, this also improves the overall sound quality. So whether you’re working towards starting up your own home-based recording studio or you have something big, this can be a fantastic option.

Schools and Universities

If you’ve ever been in one of those large lecture halls then you’ve probably noticed at the stage there are curtains. Most massive lecture halls have these, but even university and school theaters have these too. Sometimes even gyms have these as that’s a common space for students to gather to for performances. Overall soundproofing curtains are often used for schools and universities to help balance out the acoustics and keep external noises blocked out.