How Soundproof Curtains Can Help Your Outdoor Living Space

Mar 11,2023 admin

Your outdoor living space is meant to be that nice touch of nature. It’s supposed to be a space where you can just escape and feel one with nature. That connection goes a long way; there are even some major health benefits that come with it. However, one thing that needs to be addressed is the sounds outside. If you live in a suburb, close to a busy street, or have noisy neighbors, then how are you supposed to enjoy the great outdoors? It makes you want to go back inside to enjoy the peace and quiet, right?

Well, fortunately, the soundproofing curtain is a thing, and you can use it for your outdoor space! While thick soundproof curtains are known mostly for having the role of windows inside of houses, they can be used outside too. So, if you’re wanting to minimize outdoor noise, here is what you need to know!

Can Soundproof Curtains Help Soundproof Your Outdoor Living Space?

The answer is yes! Soundproof curtains for windows are able to be used outside to help soften noise. While it’s not going to give that entire noise-dampening effect, it’s going to help a lot in muffling out those unwanted noises. Plus, if you use heavy ones, such as the 3-layer soundproof curtains, then you’re only going to increase the chance. Blackout curtains are able to help your outdoor space, and soundproof curtains (usually considered the same) can absolutely do the trick! You’ll be able to block out the harsh UV rays, and keep a stable temperature, all while blocking out surrounding noise!

Additional Benefits

There are an array of benefits that you can expect when it comes to your outdoor living space. There is no doubt about it, but if you own a patio, pergola, gazebo deck, or any other type of outdoor living space, you’re going to get something good with these soundproof drapes. So, let’s take a dive into everything you can expect!

More Privacy

While it will mostly depend on how your outdoor living space is set up as, you can absolutely expect more privacy in your space. Think about it, if you have something such as a pergola,you’re probably not too keen on the idea of the neighbors seeing what you’re doing, right? Even if it is just relaxing, you have the right to enjoy some privacy. So, by having soundproofing curtains up, you can count on those nosey neighbors to not be able to see what you’re doing. Plus, it’s going to help if they can’t hear you either.

Can Keep Out Pest

Just like you can expect more privacy with a soundproof curtain, you can also count on fewer pests. Think about it, whether you’re grilling, reading, or sipping on some lemonade, you can expect some bugs such as flies, gnats, or mosquitos to both of you. This can truly ruin the outdoor experience. So what better way than to block them out? It gives you a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature and that summer breeze, all without having to deal with the annoyances of bugs.

Block Out Light

It can be a challenge trying to balance out getting enough light while still trying to block out those harmful UV rays from your outdoor living space. Well, blackout soundproof curtains are going to be the perfect option for this! You’ll be able to feel as if you’re out in nature, but without all that heat the sun emits.

Perfect for Colder Months

If you have such a deep love for nature, especially when it comes to your backyard, such as in Spring or Autumn, then why not invest in heavy curtains for soundproofing your outdoor living space? This is going to be especially perfect if you’re wanting to make a cozy warm oasis in a space such as a pergola!

What to Keep in Mind When Soundproofing Your Outdoor Area

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of getting 3 layer soundproof curtains for your outdoor living space, so you can muffle out those distracting noises, then that’s excellent news! However, you need to keep in mind that there may be some limitations to your soundproof curtains. Let’s take a look at everything you should consider before making the purchase.

You Need to Have a Wall

You need to have walls surrounding your outdoor living space or some type of railing which the soundproofing curtains can hang from. If you have an open patio that lacks this then you can expect some challenges. But if your outdoor living space features something like a pergola, gazebo, or something that features walls, then this could be an excellent option.

They Can Be Used in Nearly All Outdoor Spaces

As stated above, you’re going to need to have walls or some type of railing in order to support soundproof window curtains. But, if you have that, then you can absolutely count on these. Nowadays, outdoor and nature-oriented living spaces come in all shapes and sizes, from sunrooms, greenhouses, balconies, decks, you name it!

They’re Not Element Resistant

While soundproof curtains are fabulous, you have to remember that these are made from fabric. You can’t have them up during bad weather as they can be damaged. So make sure you only leave them hanging up in good weather, but preferably you take them down when you’re finished being in the outdoor area for the day. This way, they’ll stay long-lasting!

Not the End-All and Be-All Solution

They can help tremendously but don’t expect them to instantly soundproof your outdoor area. They’re meant to muffle out the noise so you’re not able to hear it as well. So make sure you don’t have unrealistic expectations where you expect complete silence.

What Else You Can Do to Soundproof Your Outdoor Area

If you’re curious about what other things you could do to help soften distracting noise surrounding your area, here are some things you could consider!

  1. Install noise-reducing fences
  2. Consider the landscaping (as this affects noise on your property)
  3. Drown out the noise with a water feature, music, or wind chimes
  4. Grow trees around your outdoor space

While this seems overly simplistic, then could be one of the best ways to soundproof your outdoor space on top of soundproof curtains. In general, it can feel pretty challenging trying to figure all of this out. You deserve to have peace and tranquility right in your home. Soundproofing curtains are one of the best options; they’re known for softening outside noises for homes, so you can expect them to help get the job done for your outdoor living space too!