How to Choose Curtains That Will Help Soundproof Your Home

Jan 31,2023 admin

Whether you’re living in a big city, small town, or even the middle of nowhere, there are going to be times where it’s just too loud outside. It could be the neighbors, cars, or even just the sounds of nature, but all of these can have an impact on making the home feel less calm. No matter what room it is, bedroom or living room, you deserve to have peace and quiet. Sounds can be a great opportunity, as it lets you really take in your surroundings. But most people can agree that sometimes, blocking unwanted noise is going to be needed.

For instance, you’re just wanting some peace and quiet so you can read a book, but your neighbors are being far too noisy, or maybe traffic outside is loud. When things like this happen, you’ll be great to own some soundproof curtains. In fact, soundproofing your home with curtains is considered to be one of the most efficient and cheapest ways to get it quieter. However, you’re going to have to make sure you know how to choose the right curtains. So, here is everything you need to know!

How do curtains help with soundproofing?

There are so many ways to soundproof your home from foam to carpet, but these can be fairly expensive. Other installation methods could even be time-consuming too. Whether you’re on a budget or you’re wanting to take a minimalistic approach that doesn’t affect the aesthetics of your home, then you could opt for soundproofing curtains.

Noise travels, but there are materials that can help prevent or even soften the noise. Some surfaces such as wood and tiles are able to help sound travel by allowing it to reflect in waves. This means that soften materials, such as fabric (foam, curtains, and carpet) can help stop the sound by absorbing its waves.

How does outside noise get inside? Well, most commonly, outside noise gets inside your home through your windows, doors, and vents. Curtains can be a great way to absorb the outside noise from getting inside your home. Since curtains can be hung on both windows and doors, this makes for an excellent solution.

How can you choose the best soundproof curtains for your home?

While soundproof curtains aren’t expensive, you should still consider this an investment that could last ages in your home. These shouldn’t only fit the aesthetics of your home, but these should also be able to fit your lifestyle and achieve the exact thing you’re hoping for. So, here are some considerations you’ll need to have when choosing the right soundproof window curtains for your home so you can determine what’s best for you.

Layers of Insulation

It’s strongly recommended to skip any curtains that only feature a single layer in their soundproof curtains for windows. While these are lightweight, meaning you won’t need to purchase a new curtain rod meant for heavier curtains, these thin layered curtains just won’t do the trick. Why? Well, you’ll need multiple layers in order to absorb sound. Soundproof curtains need to be effective on preventing noise, and if they’re too thin, it’s not going to do it’s purpose.

Curtain Size

You wouldn’t buy regular curtains that are too short for your windows, so why with blackout soundproof curtains? It’s vital to measure the length and width of your windows and door. This way you know the exact size you’re going to need for your curtains. Plus, you should also consider leaving some additional space (meaning you should get slightly larger soundproof curtains) as these could potentially shrink a little bit when washing them.

Quality of the Material

There is no doubt about it that the material that a curtain is made out of it going to affect the experience with the curtain. Whether it’s light-filtering, blackout, insulation, or even 3 layer soundproof curtains, the material and the quality of the material is going to make all the difference. In fact, the ability to do the function of what the curtains are intended to do is solely based off the quality of the material and the material itself. When it comes to soundproofing curtain, the more common materials are suede, velvet, and polyester. These are thick materials that aren’t so breathable meaning that noise won’t be able to effectively travel through them.

Installation Process

No matter what type of home you’re in, a rented apartment, dorm, or owning your own house, you need to have curtains that are easy to install. You can expect that modest is more effective, so skip out on any curtains that require too much installation. However, just keep in mind that if you’re after thick and heavy soundproof drapes, you’re most likely going to need to get curtain rods that were specifically designed to withstand heavy weight. Not all curtain rods offer this.


The thickness and the weight of the curtains should not be skipped out on, this is one of the must-haves that you’ll need to look for when you’re choosing heavy curtains for soundproofing. The weight and the thickness is going to help you determine how effective the curtains will be. Basically, the more heavier and thicker the curtains, the better noise compression you’re going to get.


While curtains should be functional, this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing either! There are so many styles that you can choose from, so make sure to select something that perfectly suits you.

Just as any other type of curtains, there are going to be considerations you have to put in mind. Curtains can last years if not decades, but it’s all going to be bad on your purchasing decision. So hopefully with the help from this article, you’ll be able to make a good decision to help you choose the best thick soundproof curtains for your home.