Best Dining Room Window Treatments Ideas

Jun 13,2022 Fiona Cheung

While the formal dining room has tremendously evolved over the years into more mutli-functional home dining, that doesn’t mean that causal at-home dining can be bland. When it comes to interior design, especially dining room window treatments, you’re going to want to take it up a notch. A stylish dining room is gorgeous, and it just instantly enhances the experience of eating at home. Those lovely window treatments for dining room can sincerely make an impact.

It’s all about the sizing of your windows, the complementing colors for your space, the light control, and so much more. While you may or may not have a black-tie event in the near future, here are some curtain ideas for dining room.

dining room curtains ideas


When it comes to curtain ideas for dining room, you can simply never go wrong with the timeless color of black. Whether you’re needing something luxurious or maybe even casual dining room curtain ideas, black is the way to go. So, why would black be good for dining room window treatment ideas? Well, since this black is one of those classic dark neutrals, it can basically pair with anything. While walls? No problem!

Needing a completely elegant window treatment for dining room that easily blends in? Then black is the way to go. Whether you have gray walls or white walls, just adding black, especially black velvet curtains just instantly makes the mood and the depth of the space feel a lot richer.


As mentioned above, black velvet can be flawless when it comes to curtain ideas for dining room. But whether you’re wanting to achieve a super luxurious dining room, or maybe you’re needing modern dining room treatments then why not try velvet? Whenever it comes to dining room window treatment ideas, it’s important to think beyond just the color. Each type of fabric is also going to carry their own perks and disadvantages. So why not be open and look into multiple options when it comes to the curtain ideas for dining room?

Velvet is a very thick material, since it’s quite plush, it adds some additional softness to the space. Whether it’s natural lighting, or artificial, the light beautifully shines on the velvet. This sort of window treatment for dining room can most certainly be an excellent choice! Why not complement this fabric with some bold browns for your furniture? Maybe you can even go a step further and add a chandelier above your dining room table to totally dress up that dining room!


The sheer beauty of sheers is truly astounding! Sheer curtains could very well be one of the best curtain ideas for dining room. So, when it comes to dining room window treatment ideas, why would sheer curtains be great? Well, while sheer curtains can add those finishing touches if you’re opting in to layering out your curtains, they can be great for a lot more than just that. Eating in an airy environment just makes the atmosphere a lot better. Sheers can be considered a great option when it comes to modern dining room window treatments.

The window treatment for dining room can play a major role. This isn’t only where you’re family eats every evening and holiday, but, when it comes to inviting guest over for dinner, you’re of course going to want to welcome then to a calm dining room for a meal.  Sheer curtains just allows more natural light to come in, it allows for the space to look and feel more expanded due to the natural lighting. This airy atmosphere is especially excellent for smaller sized dining rooms, as this tricks the eye into make it look and feel more airy.


No matter what room you’re working on, including window treatments for dining room, you’ll need to know what will and what will not complement your space. While there are plenty of lovely curtain ideas for dining room, just keep in mind what may work for one space may not always work for yours.  Dining room window treatments can be a big deal. This is the area that helps out in creating the focal point, and that focal point is always always going to be the dining room set. So, when it comes to your dining room, here are some helpful tips that you’re going to want to remember.

● Longer fabric panels look more formal, so, if you’re after a formal dining room then this could be a great option. Plus, this also makes your ceilings look taller.

● Do you plan to open and close your window treatments? Functionality matters in cases like this, but privacy as well. Make sure you choose your curtain fabrics wisely.

● Choose colors and/or patterns that can tastefully complement the space. This can include complementing the walls, the art, the flooring, and the furniture.

But mostly important of all, just style the space how you want to style it, this is your dining room after all, and it’s very important that this reflects you, the personality of your family, and the lifestyle that you all live. Since this is a comfy and cozy place where the whole family comes together, it’s most important that this is a reflection of all of you!


When it comes to dining room window treatments, you’re definitely not going to want to skip over on this.  There are plenty of lovely curtain ideas for dining room, each style of drapes can come with something grand.  But, why not add some additional lovely touches with some tiebacks for your curtains? These wonderful window treatments for dining room honestly look so spectacular! Whether you’re wanting a rustic aesthetic like a cottage, or maybe you’re wanting to pay a nod to old French rococo aesthetics, then tiebacks can be a wonderful option! Plus, you can easily open and close your curtains in this manner, what’s there not to love there?