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Hover, break, or puddle? What length should my curtains be?

By Tom H. – Apr 01,2022 | Blog, Curtains Buying Guide | Share:

Curtains add a little spice and sprinkle vibrance to your space. Mind you, there are different styles and specific curtain measurements to follow, specifically curtain length. One of the most crucial parts of choosing the right curtain for your space is to understand what should be the most appropriate curtain length for either your window or any other space that needs them. There are curtain length rules and guides for you to choose the most fitting one for your place. Moreover, there are also curtain length charts provided by curtain manufacturers and stores for you to easily verify the specific curtain length you need. 

Now you’re probably wondering how to measure your windows or what curtain length you’d need. Don’t worry, this curtain length guide will help you out. Starting from overall curtains measurements, you need to identify the rod width whether it would be an Outside Mount which allows more light to the space when the curtains are open or an Inside Mount which is ideal for windows with deep or extended sills creating a clean look. Second, choose your curtain’s length and width. To do that, measure your window first. According to Kati Curtis from Curtis Design, ideally you need to add 10 inches above the trim and another 10 inches in width to each side of the window, but if the wall behind your window isn’t wide enough, add 4-5 inches instead. As mentioned earlier, there are specific curtain measurements so your curtains won’t look unpleasantly cluttered instead of adding comfort or excitement to the eyes of the beholders.

With that considered, there are three curtain length styles that suit different clients’ tastes: hover, break, and puddle. These curtain length styles will sit on top of your window graciously and deliver the desired effect curtains should provide to spaces.

Nicetown hover curtains

Hover Curtains or Floor Length Curtains

The first one, in no particular order, Hover Curtains or Floor Length Curtains, is the most common curtain length style and it’s popular amongst customers probably because of its simplicity and casual look. One of the underlying questions when choosing curtain length is whether or not curtains should touch the floor. Since most windows do not extend all the way to the ground the answers to this question may vary. You can just have short curtains if you want to BUT if you want the ceiling in your space to look taller, you should choose curtains that touch the floor or if not, at least nearer to the floor. If your place already has a high ceiling, floor-to-ceiling curtain length would definitely make the place look much bigger and larger as well. More than all of these, this type of long drape is much more appealing, especially because of its inability to pick up dirt, dust, or pet hair since they do not quite touch the floor. Correspondingly, this curtain length does not need to be highly maintained. Take note that hover length curtains leave a very small gap between the hem of the curtain and the floor. The gap should most likely be just enough to fit a pencil underneath. This curtain length looks amazing and elegant in any place but it is mostly recommended to have them in places with high-traffic areas and living rooms.

Nicetown break curtains

Break Curtains Length

The second one, Break Curtains or also known as a Trouser Break because like trousers it just falls freely on your feet, not too long and definitely not too short either with extra inches still extended past the ground. It may have at least two inches of extra fabric that touches the floor.  This type of drape provides a sophisticated look to your space as well. It falls in between the curtain lengths of Hover or Floor Length curtains and Puddles. Long drapes for windows like this, just gently touch the floor accompanied by a slight break in the bottom. A break is a fold just above the hem of the curtains. This is prevalent when the curtains you chose to buy or had tailored were unnecessarily longer than the required measurement you want to let the drape fall only enough to brush slightly the floor. This type of drape is the most fitting and is recommended for formal dining rooms, bedrooms, or any space with less foot traffic and that require more elegant furnishings. It also offers a very chic vibe for the place. However, it is certainly important to keep in mind that because the fabric slightly touches the ground, it would truly require more maintenance for it can easily collect dust as well as pet hair.

Puddle Curtains Length

Nicetown puddle curtains

The next one would be the Puddle Curtains. Out of the three drape styles, Puddled Curtains are undoubtedly the least popular to choose from since it is the least functional and a high-maintenance one.  Extra-long curtain lengths like these need to be decided and chosen wisely. There are three kinds of Puddled Curtains which differ upon their lengths, namely: the Minimal Puddle which gathers the fabric slightly on the floor, Moderate Puddle which is slightly longer than the Minimal Puddle, and an Opulent Puddle which has a large amount of fabric gathered on the floor: 

  • A Minimal Puddle uses an extra one to three inches of fabric to add soft and cozy vibes to the place. This is good if you just want an extra chic and elegant-looking style of drapes in your place. This type of Puddled Curtains works best with fabrics that are kind of laid back. Examples such as cotton and linen types of fabrics. One trick for this type of curtain length is to arrange the fabric once it is already hung so that it bends at the hem of each pleat and the stack of fabric on the floor is neatly piled. 
  • A Moderate Puddle gives a more dramatic look to the place’s interior design. This is indeed the most fitting one if you feel like the drape of a Minimal Puddle is not enough but do not like too much fabric piled on the floor for puddled-length curtains. Depending on your preference in style, you can just let the extra fabrics bundle together and freely fall underneath or you can arrange it like the Minimal Puddle curtain length style which helps bend the hem of each pleat so it would look nicer and cleaner to look at. Again, it just depends on the preference of the place owner. 
  • An Opulent Puddle curtain length provides the most dramatic effect to your interior design. It is achieved with an extra 6 to 16 inches of the extra length of the fabric. Additionally, there are different ways to style this type of puddled curtains. Depending on your style, you can just let it lie naturally on the floor but before that, you need to train the drapes to fold uniformly or you can pile it vertically. Although it would most likely take time for your curtains to maintain this type of puddle, in time, your curtains would just eventually “remember” this setup. 

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Even if you have chosen the best length for your curtains, When you receive them, there are too many decisions to make, and how you hang your window treatments will ultimately determine how well they fit in any room. NICETOWN Curtains profoundly cares about your curtain needs and preferences, and we actively listen to your ideas of what you want your curtains to look like. Want to talk to an expert for advice on Nicetown curtains customer service and choose the best window treatments for your home? Schedule a free consultation with us now!