What to Look for When Choosing Sustainable Curtains

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When it comes to curtains, not all of them are environmentally friendly. While yes, they’re great at blocking out shade, some curtains need to have some shade thrown at them. While more consumers are becoming aware of the destruction from fast fashion, and even fast homeware, to a degree there is a gray area with curtains. Are curtains environmentally friendly?

Well, it’s going to all depend on the material itself. While yes, heavy curtains for soundproofing are going to help keep a constant temperature in your home, you still need to consider the materials that made the curtain itself. So, if you’re looking to create a more sustainable home, and you’re wondering how window dressings can do that, then here is everything you need to know! You can have a beautiful home, all without the environmental impact. So read on!

Why Switch to Sustainable Curtains?

Curtains nowadays are made from so many different types of material. Even with soundproof curtains, you can expect an array of fibers and materials in them that are all different. So, traditionally speaking, curtains are made from synthetic materials such as polyester. However, synthetic fibers aren’t always the best route; they’re known for causing various types of pollution. While it strongly depends on the manufacturer, a lot (but not all) of synthetic materials and curtains can be unsafe.

However, nowadays, there are more sustainable and eco-friendly materials. You can count on organic materials such as linen and recycled fabrics being readily available for curtains. It’s so important that everyone works towards making sustainable choices that are not only going to be beneficial for their home but the environment too. A little goes a long way; even the quality and material of your curtains, such as our 3 layer soundproof curtains can make a world of a difference!

Which Materials to Look for in Eco Curtains?

Whether you’re looking to replace your old synthetic curtains or you’re curious about what’s out there on the market, then utilizing natural materials could be the best thing to do. Natural materials help create a certain aesthetic for the home. So, let’s take a look at some of the materials you can expect to find for curtains nowadays.

Hemp Curtains

Natural fibers stemming from the Cannabis plant, this plant actually doesn’t require much water, and it’s ideal for helping out the soil. When in textile form, it’s known for being very robust.

Linen Curtains

Soft and airy, who doesn’t love linen? These are made from the flax plant and are very rarely ever dyed with strong chemicals. Meaning that softer dyes are ideal for getting the job done, which helps prevent water pollution. Besides, linen curtains are so luxurious and could be the perfect addition to your home!

Organic Cotton Curtains

Unlike regular cotton, this is grown without genetically modified seeds, and pesticides are not involved. Just like linen, this has a very luxurious appeal to it. Plus, if you’re looking for a soundproof drape, then you can find a variety incorporating cotton!

Recycled Fabric Curtains

Now more than ever, you’ll find recycled fabric curtains. These reuse existing textiles (to avoid waste) and transform them, so their life is extended. You can expect the recycled fabric to have cotton, nylon, and even polyester. Overall, these are usually textile waste that gets the chance to get a second life. This is one of the best ways to be eco-friendly!

How to Choose Sustainable Curtains for Your Home

It doesn’t need to be a challenge when it comes to choosing the best window treatments for your home that are both sustainable and ethical. Sustainable curtains are an excellent choice for any home. Not only do they look great and add style to your space, but they also help reduce energy costs and conserve resources. However, you still need to keep in mind that you need to consider the manufacturer too. So, here are some factors to consider when you’re on the hunt for sustainable curtains.

Start by Looking into the Materials

While you should ideally look for organic fibers, it’s not always going to be the most realistic. For instance, if you’re looking for a soundproofing curtain, then you need to keep in mind that this needs to be thick in order to insulate your home and to keep noise out. So, start by figuring out what type of window treatment you’re after. Are you wanting something that’s thick, or thin, or have a certain aesthetic you’d like to achieve instead? Make sure to think about all of this before immediately buying.

Do You Need Them?

Another thing you need to consider is whether you need the curtains or not. While getting new window treatments can be fantastic, are you wanting them only because you want to boost your home’s aesthetics? Remember, if you’re ditching your current curtains for eco-friendly ones, then that practice alone isn’t very eco-friendly unless you have a plan on how you can recycle or give a second life to your current curtains.

Supply Chain and Labor Practices

This will require some research, as there is a chance that you may or may not find the information you need. Whether you’re buying soundproof window curtains, curtain rods, or anything else for window treatments, make sure to keep this in mind. Ideally, safe conditions and fair wages are in place, but it’s not something that every consumer can find. Plus, you could always see what types of certifications are available.

What to Avoid

Ideally, you should avoid synthetic materials that carry chemical residue or are unable to be recycled. Fortunately, not all curtains are like this, especially polyester. You just need to be careful about curtains that have been colored with artificial dyes. This is because harmful contain chemicals could affect the environment.

Whether you want to boost your home’s aesthetics or you’re in need of some thick soundproof curtains that insulate your home, it’s so important to do your research so you can pick the right curtains for you. Just choosing curtains that will last for years on end, such as blackout soundproof curtains, can do the trick when it comes to being sustainable. Make sure you pick something that’s built to last and can transform your home for the better. This can be one of the best ways to fight climate change.