Your Complete Guide to Pergola Curtains

By Tom H. – Apr 12,2022 | Blog, Curtains Buying Guide | Share:

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While pergolas provide an outdoor space for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather, they can also be a little too exposed. If you want to create a more private, secluded space without sacrificing your pergola’s open-air feel, consider adding curtains!

Curtains will block out some of the light, allowing you to enjoy your pergola even when it’s scorching outside. They’ll also allow you to block out nosy neighbors who peek into your yard to see what you’re up to. Perhaps most importantly, curtains can help create a romantic ambiance that makes your pergola the perfect date night spot. No matter what kind of fabric or draping style you choose, curtains will always be a good addition to your pergola.

If you love the look of outdoor pergola curtains but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

Benefits Of Pergola Curtains

If you are considering installing a pergola or already have one in your garden or backyard, then you should definitely consider installing pergola curtains. This article will go through some of the great benefits of installing pergola curtains.

Enhance Pergola Privacy

One of the biggest benefits of having a pergola is that it provides you with lots of privacy from neighbors and other people who may be lurking around your yard. With pergola curtains, you can keep prying eyes away from your backyard and enjoy spending time outside without feeling like someone is watching you.

We all need some alone time every now and then. That’s why it’s important to have privacy when you’re enjoying your outdoor living space. For instance, let’s say you have a cafe and want to create an outdoor dining area, but don’t have enough room for walls or other methods of creating privacy. Adding pergola curtains will give your guests more privacy while they dine outdoors.

Offer Protection from Sunlight, Wind and Rain

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When you build a pergola in your backyard, you want it to be an inviting place for family and friends to gather. But the weather can get in the way of that! Sun, wind, and rain can make comfortable seats and relaxing conversation impossible.

This is where pergola curtains come in handy. Sun blocking curtains that are designed for pergolas offer protection from sunlight, wind, and rain so you can enjoy long afternoons outside with your loved ones. They also keep your furniture safe from the elements.

Waterproof pergola curtains offer a level of protection for your family those other outdoor coverings don’t. They provide shade from the sun’s harmful UV rays and help keep bugs at bay (especially helpful for families with children who have allergies). They also prevent furniture from fading due to exposure to direct sunlight during summer months. And if it rains? No problem! Just roll up the sides of your pergola rain curtains so they stay dry while you’re inside enjoying dinner with friends or watching Netflix on your laptop in bed under cozy blankets at night.

Create a Romantic Look

It’s true! Just hang some sheer curtains on your pergola, and voila, you’ve got a romantic oasis right in your backyard. It’s the perfect spot for a date, or just a quiet night in with your loved one. Or, if you’re looking for something more low-key than romance, it’s also the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work. No matter what you’re looking for, pergola curtains are an excellent choice if you want to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. To make your pergola more romantic, install dim lights or fairy lights to help set the mood. You can also add curtains of different colors such as red or pink to create a truly romantic look.

Hardware And Fabrics For Pergola Curtains

Before buying any pergola curtains, make sure that you pay attention to the details. Do some research on how long the curtain rod will last and make sure that it will work well with the type of trim that you’ll use on your door or windows. You also want to find out what kind of hardware is needed for hanging them properly. We’ll talk about what you need to do before buying fabrics with hardware and talk through some options.

Pergola Curtain Rods

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How do you choose outdoor curtain rods for pergola? There are a few factors to consider. First, you have to see if your pergola can support the weight of the curtain and rod. Some pergolas are made from wood, but others might be made from vinyl or aluminum. Those materials can’t support as much weight as wood; usually, a rod for a vinyl or aluminum pergola will have to be lighter.

Second, you need to decide if you want your rod to be in the center of the pergola or out by the edge. If it’s in the center, then it has to be strong enough to hold up two curtains at once.

Third, you need to figure out how far apart your pillars are and buy a rod that fits between them. Think about what kind of look you want and how many curtains you want hanging: if you want multiple curtains on one side of your pergola and single curtains on another side, then you’ll need two different pergola curtain rods.

Pergola Curtain Fabric

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When it comes to hanging curtains on your pergola, the fabric you use is just as important as the frame they hang from. You may be surprised by the variety of choices available when it comes to choosing the best fabric for outdoor curtains. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Waterproof fabric. This is the best choice for outdoor curtains, because it will repel water, mildew, and the sun’s UV rays.
  2. Polyester. Polyester is a light-weight option for outdoor curtains and will also be waterproof. It also resists shrinking and wrinkles!
  3. Cotton or cotton blends. Cotton is a less expensive option that is naturally absorbent and breathable.
  4. Vinyl laminated polyester. This is what we use for our pergola curtains at Pergola Curtains Online, because it’s waterproof, mildew resistant, and fade resistant.

How To Hang Outdoor Curtains for Pergola

It’s time for a little backyard bliss! Today, we’re going to talk about how to hang outdoor pergola curtains. Installing your curtains is a great way to add some privacy, shade, and style.

So the first step is to measure. This can be tricky, since you’ll have to measure from one side of the beam to the other—and not all beams are perfectly level (and even if they were, your pergola may be on uneven ground). So what we recommend is that you use a string or rope to make sure you get an accurate measurement. Then, once you know how wide your curtains should be, you can cut them down accordingly.

Next, it’s time to hang your curtains. If the pergola isn’t covered with a roof that has a gutter system in place (like the ones you see on houses), you can use grommets that hook onto cup hooks in the top of your pergola. You might also want to consider using outdoor curtain rods for this purpose—they can provide some additional support for heavier curtains!

If you have hooks, attach them at even intervals along the top of your pergola and hang your curtain rods on them. If not, drill holes into the pergola and screw in eye screws so that you can run string or rope through them and hang your curtain rods on these strings or ropes instead.

Choose outdoor curtains according to the environment

Apart from a pergola, well-made, high-quality outdoor curtains are a unique supplement for any outdoor-living situation and design, with just a little creativity, decks, patios, poolsides, balconies, and beyond. You will find our Nicetown drapes can fit in every solution above. If hung on the inside of a front porch, Nicetown outdoor curtains can work wonders in enhancing your curb appeal.