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Your Ultimate Guide for Curtain Heading Types

By JENNIFER – Mar 04,2022 | Curtains Buying Guide | Share:

Curtains remain an essential design feature for any room. Regulating privacy and the amount of light entering your room, curtains play a key role in defining the ambiance of your space. These soft furnishings are also important for adding  style and detail to your bare windows. From making a space more inviting and cozy to adding a pop of color and textures, curtains are  the perfect tool to elevate the decor of your home. Considering its diverse role in an interior space, curtains can be found in different styles, colors, materials and with different heading types. Curtain headings often set the functionality and style of curtains by the way they’re hung, and today we bring you our guide with every information about them, hoping it’ll help you choose the right curtain heading to style your windows perfectly.

Rod Pocket Curtain Headings

nicetown rod pocket curtains

Rod pocket curtain tops are one of the most common styles of curtain heading. A pocket or casing is sewn at the back of the curtain top to easily slide over the rod and conceal it. The rod pocket curtain top gathers forming neat bunches for a casual and soft look in any room. This simple and versatile method for hanging curtains requires no additional hardware such as pins or hooks. Besides, the rod pocket curtain heading works great in different rooms of the house by creating a timeless look. For a softer and slightly more elegant appeal to your interior space, one can definitely hang wider panels that’ll result in more dramatic bunches. 

Rod pocket curtain headings work best for layered window coverings. Sheers can be hung along rod pocket curtain headings to conceal the rod even when the curtains are open. Rod pocket curtain headings are well-suited for curtains that are tied back or held in a close position.  Lightweight fabric or sheers for rod pocket curtains are great for maintaining privacy while allowing light to enter. For this reason, using this combination or even going for top and bottom rod pocket curtains is a clever choice for french windows, glass doors, and sidelights. The great advantage of top and bottom rod pocket curtains is that they maintain the curtain in place ensuring your privacy, and they also create a sublime atmosphere and charming look to your space.

Grommet Curtain Headings (Eyelet Curtains)

nicetown grommet curtains

What is a grommet? Grommet curtains, also known as eyelet curtains, are also quite easily found in people’s homes. This type of curtain heading has grommets punched into the top part of the panel allowing it to easily pass through the rod. Grommet curtains deliver a rigid structure to create uniform and well-defined pleats.  With its clean and crisp look, grommet curtains are well-suited to any modern or contemporary space. Another great advantage of grommet curtains is that they can be drawn effortlessly, and they’re easy to be taken down in case they need to be cleaned. Therefore, grommet curtains are perfect for windows that are used with frequency. 

If you opt for grommet curtains, you must pay attention to the rod, as they remain exposed. In this case, choose a material that will match well with the overall look of the curtains, but that won’t be such a hard task since grommet curtains are available in various styles, colors, patterns, and materials, resulting in a great design feature for your room.

Grommet blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are window treatments specially designed to block light even during the day. Made out of tightly woven, double-lined fabric, blackout curtains are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and home theaters. Grommet curtain headings have a rigid and sturdy structure which makes them the best option to carry the heavy weight of the fabrics commonly used in blackout curtains. There are two important things to consider when shopping for grommet blackout curtains: first, in case of two-panels blackout curtains, customers need to be aware of the width of the panels to avoid formation of large gaps which goes against the purpose of blocking the light out. Second, consider mounting grommet blackout curtains slightly above the window to maximize blocking the light. Combining the practicality of grommet curtains and functionality of the blackout fabric, grommet blackout curtains are ideal for bedrooms by creating the best experience for napping or sleeping during daytime. 

Sheer Grommet Curtains

Sheer curtains employ lightweight fabric to soften and dim down the light entering a space. The curtains can allow for a soft and airy feel in any room while maintaining a degree of privacy. Sheers are also suited for grommet curtain headings. The grommets give a strong structure and uniformity to the lightweight fabric, giving it a clean and sophisticated look. Sheer grommet curtains give an elegant and modern touch to any space, and if you’re aiming for a dreamy flowy effect, sheer grommet curtains will certainly elevate the mood of your home. 

Outdoor Grommet curtains

Grommet curtain headings are extremely durable and practical, which makes them the perfect choice for your outdoor curtains. Since outdoor curtains require a more robust heavier fabric, grommet curtain headings are the most suitable to sustain them even in adverse weather conditions. However, if you really want them to stay in place when facing stronger winds, you can buy top and bottom grommet curtains. As mentioned before, grommet curtains are super easy to open and close, and great functionality is what works best for outdoor spaces such as a patio that needs to be accessed regularly. Besides, their hassle-free hanging and ease to take down are also important features that will help preserve curtains that are directly exposed to weather conditions.

Tab Top Curtain Headings

nicetown tab top curtains

Tab tops curtains are a unique and elegant method of hanging drapery. It consists of loops of fabric sewn into or above the panel top. These loops wrap around the rod creating a distinct style of curtains. Tab top curtains hang more flat as compared to other styles of curtains, making these curtain headings perfect when you have a print or patterns you want to showcase. Tab top curtain headings are also a great idea for curtains with decorative trim as the full header is visible. However, the biggest downside of tab top curtains is that they’re difficult to be drawn, therefore are mostly suited for windows that are not frequently used.

Velcro tab top curtains are a great option for styling and customizing your window treatments. The gap between each loop can be altered to customize the look of the curtain. You can also conveniently change the length of your tab top curtains by altering the size of the loops or change the loops for others of different colors. Tab top curtains have a distinctive design that works well with both traditional and contemporary spaces, and they serve as the perfect adornment to country, cottage, or coastal-inspired spaces to vouch for a casual yet eye-catching feature of the room.

Flat Panel Curtains

nicetown flat top curtains

Flat panel curtain tops are hung from the rod using clipped rings, a simple and casual way of hanging curtains. This is a type of curtain heading that creates minimal pleats and folds when closed, aiming for a panel effect. When closed, flat top curtains showcase casual, flowing pleats. Flat panel tops provide a sleek and minimalist appeal, but if you prefer a more decorative look, you can add a trim to the curtain. The trim can be a great way to add visual interest and tie in the flat panel curtains with the rest of the room. Flat panel curtains, like tab top curtains, are also great for showcasing patterns and prints. These are curtains that fit well in relaxed casual spaces. 

Flat panel curtains also allow for easy customization. Using drapery about twice the length of the window, you can add more volume and fullness to the flat panel curtain. On the other hand, for a more relaxed and minimal look, consider increasing the gap between each ring. With minimum effort flat panel curtains can be customized to suit the decor of your room. The curtain tops are also flexible enough for both functional and stationary windows. 

Tie-top Curtain Headings

nicetown tie-top curtains

Tie-top curtain headings are a simple and informal style for hanging drapes. Strips of fabrics are attached to the header and tied to secure the rod. These loose knots and ties vouch for an informal, soft, and romantic look. Tie-top curtains are well-suited for kid’s rooms and informal spaces of the house. An important detail to consider is the choice of the rod for tie-top curtains. Since most of the rod remains exposed in tie-top curtains, just like grommet curtains, its design is crucial for the overall look and style of the curtain.

The straightforward construction of tie-top curtains and easy customization make it a convenient and hassle-free option. The length of the curtain can easily be changed by altering the size of the tie top. You can also opt for longer ties for a more breezy and laid-back look. Tie-top curtains work well with rods of any shape or size. It can easily cater to the circular rod to deliver an elegant canopy. The delicate construction of tie-top curtains best complements sheers. The flowy feel of the sheer combined with the natural looseness of the tie can vouch for an utterly soft and romantic look.With tie-top curtains you’ll transform the way any informal space looks with its unique style.

Ripple Fold Curtains (S Fold Curtains)

nicetown ripple fold curtains

Ripple fold or S fold curtains are a more modern and trendy method of hanging drapes  This elegant and sleek look is a result of the consistent ripple-like form of ripple fold curtains headings. These uniform ripples are created by snaps attached onto the back of the flat curtain header. The snaps in turn fit into cord carriers upon the rod, leaving well-defined and uniform ripples that can be viewed even when the curtain is closed or open. The greatest advantage of ripple fold curtains is that the hardware or snaps are not visible on the front, delivering a clean and sophisticated look. Ripple fold curtains drape beautifully, and work great with modern and contemporary interior designs.

Ripple fold curtains are suitable with  several fabrics and styles, but we believe sheers are the best suited for ripple fold curtains. The great flow and fullness of the curtains perfectly befit the lightweight fabric of sheer. Ripple fold curtains also let in more light and can be a great option for a well-lit, contemporary living room. If you’re searching for tall window treatments, ripple fold curtains might be the solution. Flowing from the ceiling to the floor, the curtains can drape beautifully and soften the atmosphere of the space.  Ripple fold curtains are elegant and well-arranged, being the perfect add-on to your contemporary home.

Cafe Curtains

nicetown cafe curtains

Cafe curtains are essentially window treatments that cover only half or two thirds of a window , creating the perfect balance between light and privacy. The upper half of the window allows light to enter while the lower half covered by the cafe curtains offers a degree of privacy. Often, cafe curtains are installed with two panels. These can be opened to let in more light or to enjoy a great view. Another reason to employ cafe curtains could be to add more style and detail to a large, bare window. The color, textures, and style of cafe curtains can be used to tie in the windows with the rest of the room.

Cafe curtains were historically used in old European cafes and coffee shops, but cafe curtains have now become popular in residential kitchens. It can allow for plenty of light for a well-lit and functional kitchen. Kitchen cafe curtains can also serve as a great design detail. It is a hassle-free and affordable way to style your kitchen window. Instead of a traditional rod, kitchen cafe curtains can also be hung on a spring tension rod for ease and convenience. Other popular methods for kitchen cafe curtains include clipping rings attached to the curtain or the conventional rod pocket curtain. To control the amount of privacy, you can also pair the curtains with valances. cafe curtains bring flexibility, style, and convenience to uplift any corner of your home.

Curtains are a great way to step up the visual appeal of your home. In terms of functionality, one of the most important things to consider is how frequently you would be using a window. Rod pocket curtains, tab top curtains, and tie-top curtains are more suited to stationary windows and doors. Also, consider the existing style and decor of your home. Grommet curtains, flat panel curtains, and ripple fold curtains can be a great complement to modern and contemporary spaces. If you want your window treatment to draw focus towards a beautiful print or decorative trim, then flat panel curtains, tab top curtains, and tie-top curtains remain the perfect option. These styles of curtains are also easy to customize and befit any window. For beautiful drapes and bunching opt for the grommet curtains, rod pocket curtains, and ripple fold curtains.

Curtain headings come in many forms, with the main ones shown above. On the Nicetown curtains website, we can advise which would best suit your requirements. Linings are also very important, and we can advise on the most suitable lining for your curtains. The correct lining and interlining (you should try out our Nicetown blackout curtains for bedroom!) can enhance the look and performance of your curtains.