Why You Should Buy Custom Curtains

Apr 12,2022 Tom H.

If you’re looking to create a home that’s cozy, inviting, and all your own, getting custom curtains is a great first step. Whether you’re re-doing a room from scratch or just want to add some warmth to the space you’ve got, custom made curtains are the perfect way to personalize your space.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to design your own drapes online that there’s no need to go to a store or have someone come over and measure your windows. You can simply take out your phone or laptop and start designing right away!

You might be surprised at how many options are available in custom window treatments and how easy it is to get the perfect look by ordering custom curtains. Here are some reasons why you should buy custom curtains:

Advantages of Custom Curtains

Precise Measurements

There are many advantages of custom made curtains. The biggest advantage is that your curtains will have exact measurements to suit your windows and your home. When you purchase readymade curtains, you may have to compromise on the measurements of the curtains that you buy. This does not happen when you opt for custom made curtains. The proper curtain measurements are especially important if you have a unique or difficult window size or shape to accommodate. You can measure your windows yourself, or have a contractor or installer come in and take care of it for you. If you are using a custom curtain maker, be sure to communicate your needs clearly so you get the results you want!

How to measure for curtains?

When it comes to how to measure curtain length and how to measure curtain width, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll want to measure your window from the top of the frame to the floor. Second, you’ll want to measure your window from left side to right side. Third, you’ll want to get a good idea of how much extra fabric you would like on either side of the window. Depending on what kind of look you want, curtains can hang over the window frame or fall just inside it.

High Quality Workmanship

You know how a bespoke suit looks extra-classy? Or how a tailor-made dress makes you feel like a million bucks? The same goes for curtains: custom made curtains are made with higher quality materials by experienced professionals who take the time to make sure every detail is just right. They’re also measured to fit exactly in your space, so no awkward gaps or too-short lengths.

At Nicetown, custom made curtains are created with high-quality materials, and feature sturdy hems, seams and linings. Since no corners are cut during the manufacturing process, you can rest assured that your high-quality curtains will last for many years to come. This means you won’t have to worry about them fading or falling apart after just a few months! Plus, if anything does happen to your custom-made curtain, it’s easy to get them repaired because they’re so well built from start to finish!

Pick Your Own Fabric and Materials for Your Custom Made Curtains

Have you ever bought a ready-made curtain and thought to yourself, “I wish the curtain fabric was thicker and had less of a sheen”? Or maybe you wanted the curtain to be a little longer? While curtains are available in a wide range of colors and styles, sometimes we want something just a little different.

One of the main benefits of custom curtains is that you can pick your own fabric and materials. If you want your curtains to be made from 100% cotton, you can. If you want blackout lining, that’s an option too. Maybe you have a specific color in mind for your room and can’t find anything close in the store. With custom made curtains, getting exactly what you want is possible. You don’t have to worry about settling for what’s available.

Also, it’s not just about looks with custom made curtains. You can also select durable curtain fabrics if you’re concerned about sunlight damage or other potential concerns regarding wear and tear on the drapes. This allows you to ensure that the curtains will last for a long time without damage.

Customize Colors and Patterns

custom your curtainsOne of the many advantages of custom-made curtains is that you can choose the colors and patterns for your curtains. Curtains are usually made out of fabric, which comes in a massive array of colors and patterns. There are some standard color schemes for curtains, but for the most part, you can choose whatever color or pattern appeals to you. This is particularly important since curtains are so visible.

You can choose from vibrant colors, or go with a neutral shade if that’s what you prefer. If you want to make a bold statement with your window coverings, custom-made curtains can help you do it.

Feel free to take a look at our curtain fabric swatches before you make the choice.

Custom Headings and More on Your Curtains

custom curtain headings

There are a few different kinds of curtain headings, which are the tops of your curtains. A common kind is rod pocket, where the fabric is folded over at the top to create an opening that slips easily over a curtain rod. Another kind is pinch pleat, where the fabric is folded into several small pleats. This gives a classic look and holds up well even when you’re washing your curtains regularly. A third type of heading is eyelet; this style features holes along the top of the curtain through which to slip the rod, and it’s usually paired with more modern décor.

At Nicetown, you can choose from 6 different types of curtain headings for any of the curtains available, including velvet curtains. Which includes grommet top in silver, anti-brass grommet top, grommet top in black silver, single rod pocket, double rod pocket, back tab and tab top.

Select The Functionalities You Want on Your Custom Curtains

The other major reason why you should consider having custom-made curtains is the fact that you can select their functionalities. In other words, you will have more control over what your new curtains can do for your house.

There are many different types of curtains on the market, including curtains that have soundproofing capabilities, blackout capabilities, thermal capabilities and more. When you buy ready-made curtains from a store, you only have limited options for which type of curtains you can buy. However, with custom blackout curtains, you can select the functionalities that you want based on the needs of your house.

Increased Energy Efficiency with Custom Curtains

Covering your windows with high-quality curtains can go a long way toward regulating the temperature in your home without running your heat or air conditioning at a higher level than necessary. It is estimated that our Nicetown thermal curtains and Nicetown thermal insulated 100 blackout curtains can reduce heat loss by as much as 25%! That is enough to make a real impact on your utility bills.

And unlike traditional curtains, which are made using flat materials (usually cotton), energy-efficient curtains are custom-made according to the specifications of each window, allowing for optimal light and temperature control.